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Iggy Pop is a fan. Viv Albertine is a fan, too. They’ve been hailed as the second coming of Riot Grrrl, a Hole for the 21st Century. It’s been six years in the making (with...

Skinny Girl Diet - 'Heavy Flow'

by AdamTait on 10 November 2016

It begins with a warpy old-fashioned film soundtrack organ type sound, and ends with something so lo-fi and wonky as to sound unfinished. In between, The Wytches pack in some...

The Wytches - 'All Your Happy Life'

by ChristopherNosnibor on 10 November 2016

Philadelphia's Beach Slang describe their music as the score to an imagined John Hughes movie, and to any listener with any degree of attachment to the likes of The Breakfast...

Beach Slang - 'A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings'

by RolandMcIntyre on 04 November 2016

There’s nothing conventional about Devendra Banhart, his music or his career trajectory. Picked up and given a substantial leg-up by Michael Gira in the inter-Swans years, the...

Devendra Banhart - 'Ape In Pink Marble'

by ChristopherNosnibor on 04 November 2016

Fucking YES! It’s a new Ruts DC album. Henry Rollins is likely as excited as anyone by this, being one of their biggest fans and also featuring on the title track. One of the...

Ruts DC - 'Must Destroy Music

by ChristopherNosnibor on 04 November 2016

  On Kindly Now, Keaton Henson drags listeners into a dark closet to play a selection of intimate songs. It’s dark because Kindly Now is as heartbreaking as his previous...

Keaton Henson - 'Kindly Now'

by KnarBedian on 04 November 2016

Nearly been three decades after Pixies graced us with their unique take on alt-rock with Come on Pilgrim - an album that still feels fresh upon listening - one can be forgiven...

Pixies - 'Head Carrier'

by YasminRoss on 23 September 2016

  "Prima Materia: the starting material from which the ‘magnum opus’ is born; the base of all matter; chaos, essentially." The internet definition of this Essex...

Mollys Daggers - 'Prima Materia'

by AlasdairMorton on 21 September 2016

Slowly fading and screeching into existence, the energetic 'It's Tomorrow Now' provides an assured introduction to Flyying Colours' debut album, before it promptly fades back...

Flyying Colours - 'Mindfullness'

by Kyle McCormick on 21 September 2016

The luxuriant loop-based instrumentation of the Seattle-born singer, Kishi Bashi, is at times as bewildering as it is wonderful. His idiosyncrasies have made his records stand...

Kishi Bashi - 'Sonderlust'

by AlexJackson on 21 September 2016

The experimental electronic artist Pixelord, aka Alexey Devyanin, has done it again, bringing a futuristic dystopia to life with his latest LP Human.exe. Already well known world...

Pixelord - 'Human.exe'

by YasminRoss on 21 September 2016

Jenny Hval returns with Blood Bitch, the third album under her own name. In sound, theme and style there is no mellowing. The album plays loosely around themes of vampires and...

Jenny Hval - 'Blood Bitch'

by JamieHallaman on 20 September 2016

  There was a lot of noise made about Cali duo Deap Vally when they burst onto the scene with an explosive debut album and some high-profile live shows. A lot of the noise...

Deap Vally - 'Femijism'

by ChristopherNosnibor on 20 September 2016

AlunaGeorge follow up 2013’s Body Work with I Remember, a bigger and bolder effort. Producer George Reid, who first appeared as guitarist in Big Scary Monsters group Colour has...

AlunaGeorge - 'I Remember'

by JamieHallaman on 20 September 2016

Ah, the riot grrrls—leather jackets, alt haircuts and a fuck-you attitude hand delivered through aggressive drums, fuzzed out guitar and deliberate vocals. Kamikaze Girls are...

Kamikaze Girls - 'Sad'

by TomRose on 20 September 2016

S4M TV // Jake Evans - 'Glorious'

by AdamTait on 23 February 2016

S4m TV // Mod Sun - 'Shoot 'Em Down'

by AdamTait on 12 February 2016

S4m TV // Blitzen Trapper - 'Mystery And...

by AdamTait on 08 February 2016

S4M TV // Nina Nesbitt - 'Chewing Gum'

by Kyle McCormick on 18 January 2016

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