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Some bands gracefully grow with age, while others wither and fade into obscurity. With Teenage Fanclub, we have a band that have not only matured in sound over the years, but...

Teenage Fanclub - 'Here'

by AlexJackson on 14 September 2016

London trio Doe have been a group to watch for the past couple of years, issuing a series of EPs and singles for a variety of labels before having a real stand-out appearance on...

Doe - 'Some Things Last Longer Than You'

by JamieHallaman on 14 September 2016

This Mononoke is not the York-based math-orientated rock band, but the enigmatic and secretive minimal pop artist who first emerged in 2013 and who’s preserved a low public...

Mononoke - 'Silence For You EP'

by ChristopherNosnibor on 14 September 2016

Whilst CHUCK's latest release serves as a nostalgic retrospective for existing fans, featuring material spanning five years, My Band is a Computer also doubles as an intriguing...

CHUCK - 'My Band is a Computer'

by Kyle McCormick on 12 September 2016

Twin Atlantic have stated that they were aiming to “scare themselves” with their third record GLA, and whilst it could be considered a slight departure from predecessor Great...

Twin Atlantic - 'GLA'

by Kyle McCormick on 12 September 2016

Fife’s Kenny Anderson is something of a byword for indie brilliance in Scotland. Quietly prolific, effortlessly experimental, his wistful folk pop meets occasional electronica...

King Creosote - 'Astronaut Meets Appleman'

by AlexJackson on 07 September 2016

The esoteric Californian’s eighth record is one of those rare gems that reveals more with every new listen. A songwriter very much in a field of his own, his debut on Anti...

Cass McCombs - 'Mangy Love'

by AlexJackson on 07 September 2016

Black Surf’s new EP is in and out in little more than ten minutes, but that's not to say it doesn't leave an impression. Each of the four songs on the new release Let’s...

Black Surf - 'Let's Pretend It's Summer'

by TomRose on 07 September 2016

Vomitface’s new record Hooray for Me is a celebration of everything disgusting that men in suits would scoff at. Like a runaway truck, the album crashes onto the scene with...

Vomitface - 'Hooray For Me'

by TomRose on 07 September 2016

Neil Hannon's The Divine Comedy return after a six year absence and thankfully I can report you'd never have guessed they'd been awol for such an extended period. The huge...

The Divine Comedy - 'Foreverland'

by RossScott on 07 September 2016

Haunting and distinctive, Ben Webb's striking vocal is what defines the dark folk music of Jinnwoo, his musical vessel. Years in the making, and held in secret whilst...

Jinnwoo - 'Strangers Bring Me No Light'

by Kyle McCormick on 31 August 2016

Falling somewhere between stadium-filling indie heartthrobs The 1975 and stadium-filling mathsy rockers Foals, this quartet hailing from Manchester via Stoke-on-Trent seem to...

Delamere - 'Delamere'

by Kyle McCormick on 21 August 2016

Searching for "Lovelace" on the internet presents information about a 2013 biographic film about a pornographic actress, this is not a review of that film. This is a review of...

Lovelace - 'Lands'

by Kyle McCormick on 05 August 2016

Here’s a sort of boast. I remember watching Bear’s Den singer Andrew Davie and his former band unravel spell-binding folk in a rickety London club to a handful of people...
Admittedly, it takes a few goes on Couch Baby to get the hang of what Jamie Isaac's about. An initial casual pass at the record might leave you with a sense of muddy ennui. Of...

Jamie Isaac - 'Couch Baby'

by AdamTait on 14 July 2016

S4M TV // Jake Evans - 'Glorious'

by AdamTait on 23 February 2016

S4m TV // Mod Sun - 'Shoot 'Em Down'

by AdamTait on 12 February 2016

S4m TV // Blitzen Trapper - 'Mystery And...

by AdamTait on 08 February 2016

S4M TV // Nina Nesbitt - 'Chewing Gum'

by Kyle McCormick on 18 January 2016

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