Cold War Kids - 'Hold My Home'

by Jon Simmons
Jon Simmons
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on 08 March 2015 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Downtown Records
Rating 5/10

Cold War Kids have grown into a new age sound in Hold My Home, one that is fit for modern war - hammering and efficient, guitar and drum-heavy, upbeat and clean. The band seems to have followed the same path as The Black Keys, one that intends to steer onto the airwaves by sacrificing the grittiness of their blues for a straight-ahead, scrubbed-down version of rock. Led by lead singer Nathan Willett’s repeated falsettos, Hold My Home feels like a dirty, rusty muscle car that went through a car wash and came out looking too clean. The high points of the album are its first two tracks: ‘All This Could Be Yours’ and ‘First,’ both of which are catchy as hell. Most of the other tracks are less-addictive, tame imitations of these songs. ‘Harold Bloom’ sounds like a store-brand copy of ‘No Quarter’ by Led Zeppelin that never blooms into the gravelly guitar solo that Zeppelin’s does. Like majority of the tracks, it follows an unwavering pace when all the listener wants is some goddamn wavering. The truth is, it's hard to find a reason to recommend this record beyond the first two tracks. 



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