Dengue Fever - 'The Deepest Lake'

by Jon Simmons
Jon Simmons
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on 22 January 2015 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Tuk Tuk Records
Rating 7/10

Are they punk? Cambodian psychedelic rock? The soundtrack to the next James Bond film? Who cares!? Dengue Fever is catchy and transmitted by sound. To say the Los Angeles sextet’s latest album The Deepest Lake is eclectic would seem somehow too limiting. Now on their own label and free to do whatever the hell they want, The Deepest Lake features straight-ahead rock, punk rhythms, groovy Afro-influenced percussion, synths, jazzy guitar bits, sultry flute melodies, flying monkeys, and a track that was specifically engineered for only dogs to listen to. You can be the judge of what is fact or fiction. Oh, and lead singer Chhom Nimol sings mostly in her native language (and official language of Cambodia): Khmer. No idea what the words mean, but they sound nice. Be forewarned: Catching the Fever on The Deepest Lake has a few negative side effects. Nimol’s rapping on track two, “No Sudden Moves,” sounds brief and rushed, and by the end of the record her high-pitched chanting, which is on basically every other track, becomes irritating. Perhaps those who speak Khmer will find it soothing. Despite its everywhere-ness, or perhaps because of it, Nimol and Co. pull off an album that begs to be replayed. Put Dengue Fever’s The Deepest Lake on repeat. If you caught Dengue Fever on The Deepest Lake, you’ll need a checkup.


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