Eliza Shaddad - 'Waters'

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 20 June 2014 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Beatnik Creative
Release date June 16th
Rating 8/10

Following a notable amount of coverage, and backing and praise from the right sorts of people - if you don't know the name Eliza Shaddad, it's about time you did. Having attributed vocals to the coveted Clean Bandit record (see penultimate track 'Birch'), the name may be familiar, but the debut EP 'Waters' is where the true showcasing of Shaddad's abilities lies. First pausing to appreciate the simple majesty of the artwork, the EP opens with its title track which sets a sombre tone through a rattling guitar line set against trundling percussion and of course, Shaddad's vocal. As you'd expect, the latter aspect is the focal point and defining factor, and for all that it possesses a kind of nostalgic quality that's hard to pin down - seemingly clinging to an uncertain past. This guitar, vocal, percussion combination continues throughout the quartet of tracks, composing a mixture of narratives and emotions. As a whole, 'Waters' is a collection of tales and from a detached view, a showcase of the musical talent and vision of one Eliza Shaddad. For any listener with a heart however, this entity ebbs and flows tinged with a captivating vocal, and it's hard not to get caught in the currents of 'Waters'. Keep an eye out for this name on the shoreline of music in the near future, surely positive things are to come.


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