Freeze The Atlantic - 'Speakeasy'

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 23 September 2012 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Alcopop!
Rating 8/10

Featuring members of Hundred Reasons and Reuben, and signed to Alcopop!, five-piece alt-rock supergroup Freeze The Atlantic had perhaps achieved cult status before releasing their debut, which could perhaps place a hefty weight on their shoulders. However, ‘Speakeasy’ does not fail to justify the hype: ‘Broken Bones’ showcases the upbeat, sing-along capabilities of the band whilst retaining musical complexity. Following immediately is ‘Le Track’, opening with a drum fill that leads into probably the heaviest riff on the record, and reverting back to it for a heavy breakdown outro to the track. In contrast to the pace and energy on most of the album, ‘Crestfallen’ is substantially more acoustic; with piano, strings and lightly strummed guitar; the reduction in volume shows off the best of Chris Knott’s vocal abilities. JP Reid of Sucioperro/Marmaduke Duke fame contributes vocals and guitar to ‘The Alibi’, which already contains some great musicianship as well some impressively intricate cymbal work. This record has surpassed any hype associated with it and is a well-accomplished rock record. We can only hope there are more to come, and that perhaps Freeze The Atlantic will succeed where Reuben and Hundred Reasons unfortunately came up short.


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