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Guardian Alien - 'See The World Given To A One Love Entity'

by TalieEigeland
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on 10 July 2012 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Thrill Jockey
Rating 7/10

'See the World Given to a One Love Entity' consists of one song only that happens to go by the same name. If you wish to feel like you’ve entered somebody else’s delirium, you’ve acquired the right album. Guardian Alien display a penchant for blast-beats, bagpipes, and psychedelia, but also have the adequate skill set to back up whatever it is that they initially envisioned. The piece starts with a major buildup of sound that strikes a balance between being just loud and still quite complex, then gets more and more trancey as it goes on; it’s reminiscent of a somewhat heavier version of a Gong record. Enough current bands attempt to create this kind of early 70s musical madhouse, but a lot seem to fail and those that succeed tend to be a little obnoxious. Guardian Alien arguably manage to create something that’s significantly more authentic and neither boring nor unpleasant to listen to, perhaps because they’re driven by an exceptional percussionist. The song remains, though, more spiritual than musical and there is a meditative bagpipe drone throughout as well as a few other occurrences that aren’t so easy to place.


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