Little Arrow - Furious Finite

by DavidBeech
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on 07 October 2014 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Bubblewrap Records
Release date 6th October
Rating 7/10

All the best band names start with a story, and Little Arrow are no exception. Taking their name from a message left scrawled in sand by a hospitable European baker following an evening's feasting, the sound crafted by Pembrokeshire-based five-piece is imbued in the folk traditions from which they take influence. Indeed, so entwined with such tradition are Little Arrow, that this, their third LP, is a timeless record flecked with lush harmonies and subtle psychedelia that ultimately is about “the pains and great joys of human relationships” and the “solace which can be found through immersion in the outside environment”. It's of little surprise then, that Furious Finite is a record bursting with an inherent wanderlust that's hard to ignore, and whilst travel and the act of travelling itself might very well be as much a part of folk music as ideas of home and familial tradition, there's very little on offer here that sounds derivative, and the occasional aspects that do never linger thanks to the record's perfect pacing and expert flow. First single 'Medicine Moon' for instance, with its sharp slides and wonderfully conflicting vocals and backing harmonies, is a far cry from the ponderous folk offered up by many of Little Arrow's contemporaries. 'Diamond Shy' on the other hand is a more off-kilter affair in which the picked guitars play second-string to the ominous and idiosyncratic vocal delivery; it's not an easy listen, but then the best and most impactive folk tracks aren't. Furious Finite isn't without a few hiccoughs however, and there are occasions when the tracks begin to merge together, particularly after several listens. That shouldn't detract any prospective listeners however, as the record's highlights ('Ha Ha Happiness' for instance) certainly overshadow its lesser moments unquestionably. “Live your life true, like a little arrow” read the quote from which the band took their name, and Furious Finite stays true to such advice; uncompromising in both direction and delivery, it's a record that does stay true to itself and to those that created it, even if at times such dedication to the cause causes it to stumble where it should stand tall.


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