Little Comets - 'Hope Is Just A State Of Mind'

by Jon Simmons
Jon Simmons
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on 16 February 2015 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Little Comets
Rating 8/10

Listening to English rock trio Little Comets’ third studio release, Hope Is Just a State of Mind, is like watching a tragic clown perform—someone who intends to spread cheer, yet is miserable, desolation masked by props and makeup. Hope Is Just a State of Mind beckons the dance sound of the eighties, with more than a few flashes of David Bowie disco pageantry and Marvin Gaye glam-soul, particularly on “Wherewithal.” However, this is no “Sexual Healing.” This is societal healing. The songs’ subject matter is much darker than the fluttering falsettos and stadium rock drums let on. “Wherewithal” digs into domestic abuse. “Salt” spins the true story of a boy abused and killed by his own mother. As the guys themselves write on Little Comet's blog, “There’s a lot to admonish at the minute.” In the final song, “The Blur, the Line and the Thickest of Onions,” Little Comets dares listeners to connect to their lyrics: “Blurred vision and the hobble of thick prose / Why empower misogyny while violence towards women grows?” Despite the silly song title and tired metaphor of an onion representing layers of something, it is a fittingly depleting end to an album that feels exhaustive. Hope may just be a state of mind, but it is a necessary one.


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