Meet George Brown - 'Meet George Brown' EP

by KarenDelaney
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on 07 April 2017 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Self Release via Indiegogo
Release date 7th April 2017
Rating 7/10

‘Meet George Brown’ is the storytelling-indie-folk eponymous debut EP of Malaysian-born songwriter, George Brown. Radiating a wide-eyed, bubblegum sense of optimism, this crowdfunded collection of bright, anecdotal tracks is resonating with so many people it’s become one of Indiegogo’s best performing projects. Californian sunshine dapples through Spanish guitar flourishes - apparently learnt from cave-dwelling gypsies - as well as deft fingerpicking she picked up from busking the good ol’ London tarmac. ‘Heartbreaker’ comes with giddy, catchy riffs and three-part harmonies, with random samplers helping transition from track to track. ‘[For C&C]’ is a soothing balm to many a wired nerve, a distant echo of an early Simon and Garfunkel innocence. ‘Apart From You’ is winsome yet full of the longings and ‘what ifs’ of regret. ‘What’s it Like in Denver Today?’ picks up the pace and conjures up images of surfboards and palm trees and Brian Wilson. George’s songs traverse London’s grey hue to the sweltering vistas of Lookout Mountain Avenue, sprinkling Malaysian charm and English wit along the way.



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