Nite Fields - 'Depersonalisation'

by DavidBeech
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on 05 February 2015 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Felte
Release date Out Now
Rating 7/10

When an album is pieced together, not just in different cities, but through a multitude of makeshift studios (bedrooms, restaurants, stairwells) across those cities, it's easy to imagine how fragmented that might make the finished product. What's not easy to imagine, however, is how such fragmentation can also act as a theme in itself, as is the case with Depersonalisation, the debut LP from Australia's Nite Fields. Eleven tracks of varying moods and aesthetics, it's a record that's absolutely the product of the fractured process behind its recording; despondency, disassociation and an otherworldly disappointment are woven together. Linked by a hypnotic wooziness that stems from the production and bleeds in to the vocal in such a way that singer Danny Venzin comes off as Magnetic Fields front-man Stephin Merritt, only lost at the bottom of a particularly nasty K-hole. Psych, post-punk, twee-pop and shoegaze are all dabbled with on Depersonalisation, yet such is the production that the varying genres never feel at odds with one another, and in fact, don't really stand out as particularly different until several listens in. Take that as you will, but arguably it's a testament to Nite Fields, who manage to douse each track with their own trademarked downtrodden despondency, making each genre flirted with their own. What's more, the fact that the band have a tendency to blur the boundaries of genres stands as good reason to think there's more to Nite Fields than Depersonalisation suggests, something which may be brought to the fore on record number two.


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