POLSKY - ‘My Own Company’

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 14 June 2016 in Albums & EPs
Record Label PRODUCT
Rating 7/10

My Own Company is an interesting entity, it is of course a musical album, but it appears to also have components of a post-apocalyptic novel and a scathing essay on the state of society throughout. As it progresses from start to finish with its story arc, at the very least POLSKY have created an enjoyable pop record. The appropriate interlude of ‘Welcome to POLSKY Corp.’ leads into the infectious preceding single ‘Switchboard Operator’, which the majority of the album being permeated by this spritely pace despite its sceptical messages. ‘100 Million Ways To Die’ is understandably rather negative amidst the positive flow, ‘Song for the Silver Surfer’ is a beautifully composed and delivered ode, and ‘Halcyon Daze’ is an angular electronic number that seems like a bizarre mix of Example and Kasabian. ‘In Love at the Cinema’ is a sultry track, whereas closer ‘Rainbow Road’ is an appropriately title and colourful end to the record, and perhaps its highest point overall. My Own Company is a clever title, and whilst it is unlikely to be the best album you hear in 2016 it’s an intelligent concept will executed, close attention and repeated listens are required however to appreciate the full extent of POLSKY’s craft.


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