Sergeant Buzfuz - 'Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself'

by AlexJackson
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on 20 June 2012 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Blang Records
Rating 6/10

As anti-folk movements go, Sergeant Buzfuz are about as central as they come with their label Blang Records leading the way. Whereas the record label spawned from many evenings at London’s 12 Bar Club by the band’s singer-songwriter, Sheffield born Joe Murphy, boast an array of folk talent, the band themselves actually reach out further. A complete mishmash of psychedelia, Celtic folk, punk, improv, drone-rock and the occasional douse of pop, their live shows are never short of breath-taking with violins and mandolins playing at immense speeds. What many bands like Sergeant Buzfuz lack however is transferring that raw live energy to their records, and on their new album ‘Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself’ they just about pull it off. They are not your average listen, singing about the history of the Papacy in a series of songs set in the 11th century. Here songs like ‘Sure Le Pontiff D’Avignon’, the hazy ‘Unholy Trinity’, and title tracks all have great verve, stories and humour. It is just a shame this doesn’t flow through the rest of the songs and album and eventually it falls a little flat. However, as originality goes, not many come near their wackiness.


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