Sfumato - 'These Things Between...'

by CoraOMalley
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on 04 November 2012 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Learn To Love Records
Rating 8/10

Dublin's Daithí Ó hÉighnigh is rather modest when describing his wonderful debut album; he's 'essentially a drummer who decided to record an album of songs that I sing with my voice'. With such a description affixed to it, most would assume that he emded up well outside his area of expertise, but 'These Things Between...' deserves more than just an 'oh look, here's a drummer who can actually write songs and not conform to stereotype' sort of reaction: it's absolutely brilliant. It's a melodic and understated 11-track collection, starting with the acoustic tenderness of 'Fly To Me', before the charming melody of 'Pound' drifts into the listener's ears. The laid-back softness of 'Ostia' shows yet another side to Ó hÉighnigh's repertoire, while 'The Past' is the sort of song that Conor O'Brien from Villagers would be proud to call his own. One would hope that Ó hÉighnigh's Sfumato project scales those same heights, because his opening statement is practically bursting with potential - deceptively simple-sounding yet surprisingly expansive at the same time, best exemplified on the album's title track. Ó hÉighnigh's low-key approach to making music could yet see him reap huge rewards.


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