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Skinny Girl Diet - 'Heavy Flow'

by AdamTait
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on 10 November 2016 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Fiasco Recordings
Rating 8/10

Iggy Pop is a fan. Viv Albertine is a fan, too. They’ve been hailed as the second coming of Riot Grrrl, a Hole for the 21st Century. It’s been six years in the making (with some EPs and killer live shows building the expectation), and it’s finally here: the debut album from all- female punk trio Skinny Girl Diet. The title sets the agenda, and if it’s not quite clear enough, it’s there on the cover art: in your face, so to speak. These are women, and they rock. The first track’s a sludgy semi-grunger in the vein of Milk, and it’s not until second track, ‘Bored’ that they really hit the full-throttle noise motherload with hollering vocals and guitars overdriven to the max. and then they keep it going. And really, they don’t let up. The lyrics are antagonistic, nihilist, angular: ‘I’m not going to write a pretty song,’ Delilah Holliday drawls before barking her guts out on ‘Pretty Song’, a song which truly encapsulates vehement nihilistic ennui. The production keeps it raw, and comparisons to Hole’s ragged, gnarly debut Pretty on the Inside are entirely warranted: Skinny Girl Diet are here to challenge, not to entertain. Heavy Flow doesn’t simply say ‘fuck you’ to convention, to society, to patriarchy, to everything you could possibly raise a middle finger to, but screams and bellows it right in your stupid face.


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