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Tori Amos - 'Gold Dust'

by CoraOMalley
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on 01 October 2012 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Deutsche Grammophon
Rating 7/10

Career retrospectives and best ofs usually possess no artistic merit and are simply ways of milking completists. How refreshing, then, that Tori Amos has decided not only to shine the spotlight on her older stuff, but give live to 'where they are now and who they have become'. The result is an album featuring orchestral interpretations of her songs that deserved to be remembered as far more than just a curio. The symphonic setting provided by the Metropole Orchestra places old songs in a spectacular new context, giving 'Yes, Anastasia' and 'Cloud On My Tongue' added depth, the latter given extra punch by the addition of the orchestra's sterling work. The title track is a haunting piece of work that is given an otherworldly makeover, while the more immediate 'Star of Wonder', itself a reimagining of a popular Christmas carol, is given a cinematic, Eastern feel. Rising high above all of this is Amos's voice: two decades on from the start of her career, she sounds just as good as she did back then. 'Gold Dust' both is and is not a collection of new material, dusting off the archives and injecting songs with such vitality that it is like we're hearing them for the first time.


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