Turning Plates - The Shouting Cave

by DavidBeech
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on 07 October 2014 in Albums & EPs
Release date 22nd September
Rating 7/10

Concept albums in 2014 are a rare format, a format some might deem archaic and think belong to the likes of Pink Floyd and their legions of greying fans. It's an understandable assumption however, given that the advent of the internet has brought about a decline in album sales and seems to have reduced people's attention spans to little more than that of a three year old's, causing them to switch off three tracks in to a record, losing any narrative cohesion it may have held. As such, it's somewhat fitting that Glasgow's Turning Plates have released a concept album that thematically explores the varying effects the internet has had on today's society. Portraying the internet as “new wilderness” with which we've yet to explore, The Shouting Cave plays out as a series of vignettes all contained within a single overarching theme; a variety of influences brought to the fore, varying from track to track. Perhaps the strongest moment of the record, and arguably its centrepiece, is the rich and cinematic pairing of 'Falling Lives' and 'Wild Roots'. Bringing to mind the likes of Sigur Ros at their most resplendent. There are tracks which feel a little thin on the ground however, such as the early inclusion of 'A Hymn to Our Quickening' but for the most part these are quickly offset by the likes of 'Animals' or the swelling brass of 'Evil Air'. Much like the internet itself, The Shining Cave harbours a darker side that's hidden behind the promise, rearing its head within the lyricism even when the instrumentation reflects something more optimistic. It's this dichotomy that makes the record, overshadowing its lesser moments and making for a beguiling listen overflowing with nuance and intricacy.


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