Universal Sex Arena - 'Women Will Be Girls'

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 04 February 2013 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Gran Donna
Rating 7/10

If you look beyond the provocative name, and arguably pornographic artwork, Universal Sex Arena’s debut album holds more than a cheap thrill for a teenage boy in a music shop. The Italian sextet have conjured up a wholly enjoyable entity of music in ‘Women Will Be Girls’, and even the title gives a whiff of the sensual undertones associated with this release. Opener ‘Drum Affaire’ delves straight into the surf/samba-esque style that runs through the record and sets the album off in a joyful direction. This feel continues into ‘Augustus’s Rooms’ which changes things up with the inclusion of an extra-terrestrial synth line underneath the guitar melody. The soothing sounds of ‘Waltz For Lou’, featuring a soft and delayed vocal, call a temporary end to the fiesta; before ‘Oklahoma’ kicks the party back into life with a jerky guitar line and the reintroduction of that bizarrely fitting under-laid techno melody. The only criticism of this record is that at 53 minutes and 15 songs it could be considered as somewhat of a drag and could perhaps benefit from a ruthless shortening. However, it is still a decent attempt and Universal Sex Arena will no doubt progress and return with a follow-up worth waiting for.


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