5 Reasons To Check Out Nina Nesbitt

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 05 December 2015 in Features

This piece is bound to read like a terrible BuzzFeed-style article, but stay with us as we provide you with five reasons to check out the half-Scottish, half-Swedish songstress Nina Nesbitt. Whilst last year's debut album Peroxide may have left "intelligent" music critics underwhelmed, it was undoubtedly a charming introduction to a promising musical talent (we even produced an Album of the Week for it at the time) despite the divisive quality of the somewhat cringeworthy single 'Selfies'.

But, regardless, let's get crackin' with those all important reasons:

1. She's Releasing A New EP

Certainly the inspiration for this piece, Nesbitt recently announced the follow-up to Peroxide in Modern Love, a five-track EP set for release on February 5th 2016. It will feature three versions of the lead single 'Chewing Gum', and two additional tracks. Unfortunately there isn't a taster stream to share with you at this point, but there is an official video for 'Chewing Gum' on the way, so look out for that. For now, you can pre-order the EP on iTunes right now, or order it on Nesbitt's official website in signed physical form (with the possiblity of recieving a bonus Christmas card if you're fast enough).

2. She's Preceding The EP With A (Mini-)Tour

Ahead of the release of Modern Love, Nesbitt will be playing three intimate shows around the UK to showcase new material from her as-yet-untitled, work-in-progress that will eventually become LP2, and to re-acclimatise to the touring atmosphere (which could indicate more dates in the near future). These dates are listed below, and as of right now are currently, entirely sold out (sorry for the pointless information).

January 26th - Bush Hall, London; January 27th - Deaf Institute, Manchester; January 28th - King Tut's, Glasgow

3. She's Not Half Bad At Vlogging

In the last month or so, Nesbitt has taken to YouTube to partake in the wonderful phenomenon of vlogging. From a make-up tutorial to some hilariously bad prank calls (featuring James McVey of The Vamps), her currently limited collection of videos are an entertaining watch. It is always refreshing to see an artist with pretense removed, and videos from their bedroom must rank high on the "genuine" scale, and serve as a great way to connect with fans.

4. She's Taken A New Musical Direction

Or to quote Nesbitt herself: "sonically, it's quite different from before." Judging by the snippet of the Leon Lour remix of 'Chewing Gum' given in the vlog equivalent of this post, it is possible there might be somewhat of a techno edge by Nesbitt's new music. Perhaps straying into territory of Lorde or labelmate Robyn, or even laying down the acoustic guitar in favour of pop superstardom in the style of Taylor Swift. Only time will tell, but this EP is reportedly a departure from the music Nesbitt felt required to make, towards the music she truly wants to.

5. She Hasn't Been Lazing Around Between Releases

While there's a two year gap between releases, not all that time has been spent watching cat videos and eating ice cream... Firstly, she took to tackling the fashion world by assisting both American Eagle Outfitters and Calvin Klein, serving as social media ambassador for the latter. Secondly, she was involved in 2015's Women in the World summit where she spoke about the issues of self-worth and social media in modern society, an attitude doubled by supporting Dove's Self-Esteem Project. Speaking from personal experience and referring to the themes behind the song 'Selfies', Nesbitt aims to highlight the importance of valuing yourself more than the opinions of others.

Now that you're suitably clued up on the world of Nina Nesbitt, you can remain up to date by following her on both Instagram and Facebook. Finally, here is the official music video for 'Selfies', so that you can assess it for yourself: is it actually cringeworthy or actually an insightful social commentary?


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