Artist's Point Of View: 'My Way Home' - Blair Jollands

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 13 August 2014 in Features

Taken from Blair Jollands’ forthcoming third album, ‘My Way Home’ is a simple and understated track that's built around picked guitar and brushed percussion, as well as Jollands’ own haunting vocals. A subdued melancholy permeates the tracks rough exterior, offset only by the occasional whistled harmonies.

Below is an explanation of the track from the man himself, whilst the as-of-yet unnamed album it's taken from will be released this October. The track is also available to download from Bandcamp for free, for this, see the “Free Download” link above.

'My Way Home' was not the track I thought would be introducing my next LP. Sometimes you write a song and you think that it's going to be the killer track opening the record but songs have a way of tearing away from their writers as soon as they've been born. Like children, they have a silent, independent force, an ideal of what they're going to do or in the case of a song, sound like, and how they are going to be produced. If you're not in sync with that then it could turn out a real turkey. It's out of your hands basically.

So, ‘My Way Home’ was born, a simple song with little more in it than a guitar riff and some piano accompanying the vocal and no ambition, just a cool sound. I recorded the acoustic guitar part in Spain in a house in Mojacar, Andalucia, brought it back to London, recorded the piano at my place in Leytonstone and then brought it all together at my studio on Brick Lane. The rhythm track is built from marching soldiers and some trance kick drum with electronic bass so it has old and new flavours married together. It wasn't until I whistled over it that I really started to get excited. I'm a fan of Ennio Morricone so whistling’s OK with me!

The video is an abstract bunch of shots that I filmed around the world. I travel a bit and always take an HD SLR with me, documenting stuff and adding footage I can use for films like this one. Locations featured in the 'My Way Home' video are Raglan and Pakiri beach in New Zealand, Langkawi Island, Malaysia and Dungeness, UK. I wanted to portray the feeling of surrender along with hint of nomadic wandering. The song is about someone who's walking on borrowed land. The plight of a refugee. The displaced. Lost boots sniffing out familiar soil. Dungeness was the last location we filmed at and that place is surreal. If you haven't been there then you should go. It's definitely not high tea and cucumber sandwiches… rather more atomic beach wonderland. The lip sync shots were filmed in my studio. It's a low budget vid, just the way I like it – DIY, like my records.


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