Feature Interview: Poltergeist

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 14 May 2013 in Features

Poltergeist are far from being a mystical entity; formed by Echo and the Bunnymen members Will Sergeant and Les Pattinson. Going down the instrumental route, the band’s sound is powerful yet somewhat mesmerising. Their debut album ‘Your Mind Is A Box (Let Us Fill It With Wonder)’ is out on June 17th via Proper Records.

Below are some questions that the great Will Sergeant answered for us (S4M in bold):

Obvious, band name-related first question: do you believe in the paranormal?

The name came from when as school kids, me and a few mates used to dabble with an Ouija Board, back in the early Seventies. We scared the crap out of ourselves over a few months and decided to give it up as things were starting to move about the room. So I guess the answer is yes. I think the arrogance of man to think they know it all and can explain everything with science is a bit narrow.

Do you have a favourite movie, or movie genre?

I like spy films, not the James Bond/Bourne Identity kind of thing, but the more grubby real life spy films. Like 'The Spy Who Came In From The Cold' with Richard Burton. Spying is carried out by anonymous little men and mousy women; not slick characters in dinner jackets and tiaras with golden guns or fancy cars. I also like a good sci-fi film: Dune and Blade Runner being my favourites. I am a bit sick of films not having much of a story and relying on CGI or 3D or some other bollocks. I like David Lynch films and Film Noir, but anything with a good story.

You are releasing your album through PledgeMusic; why did you choice this route, and what are your thoughts on the scheme as a whole?

For us it was the best route. We are lucky enough to have a little bit of a profile so that helped. I would imagine it may not be the right route for a new band to take. It's a great way of funding a project without being tied down to a label or contract.

For the right price would you consider a private acoustic show at a fan's house as a Pledger exclusive like a lot of bands offer?

Not really my cup of tea. It all sounds a bit desperate and awkward to me.

Do you hope to become 'Will of Poltergeist' rather than 'Will of Echo and the Bunnymen' in the future; or will The Bunnymen always be your true home?

At the moment I can’t see that happening, I will always be ‘Will of The Bunnymen’, but I would like to take Poltergeist as far as it is possible.

Why have you chosen to start an instrumental band, and if you had to play either with/without lyrics for the rest of time, which would you choose, and why?

Firstly, I can’t sing, and have never had a desire to do so. Secondly, there is a whole load of negative vibes that come with a singer or frontman, who inevitably becomes perceived as the 'leader' or ‘spokesperson’ of the band. I see a band as a team, all in it together. Most bands start like this and get their best stuff done early on – before the rot sets in.

Do you like/love chocolate - and if yes, do you have a favourite kind (either brand or milk/dark/white)?

Not a big fan of chocolate, but if you pushed me I like a Fry's Turkish Delight now and then. I am more of a savoury kind of guy.

Finally, having had a relatively long music career, what is the most "ROCK STAR!" thing you have ever done?

I have always hated the rock star excesses; I have always thought it was kind of naff. We did fly on Concorde to New York one time – that was pretty cool.

You can stream their first track ‘Cathedral’ below, and catch them at the following list of dates:

17th June, Bristol - The Louisiana

20th June, York - Fibbers

21st June, Manchester – Sound Control

22nd June, Glasgow - King Tut’s


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