Field Day 2015 // Sticks & Strings

by AdamTait
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on 12 May 2015 in Features

Not only is the Field Day 2015 line up packed with some of the most brilliantly innovative new developments in pop music. as we outlined last week, there’s also tons for the post-punks and alt-rock fans.

At one end of the spectrum we’ve got long lasting heroes line Patti Smith and Gaz Coombes, shining beacons demonstrating the longevity of true class.

At the other, exciting new developments like Veit Cong, Jagaara and Hookworms, brightly burning new stars on the musical horizon.

Read on and get a handle on what’s in store.

(P.S. we're aware these titles are getting a little tenuous, it's probably going to get worse before it gets better...)

Viet Cong

While some find the band one of the most divisive features of 2015 in light of their name, others have been simply blown away by the Canadian four-pieceís mammon sound. Their labyrinthine post-punk traverses the line between musical intricacies and and punch-in-the-gut force. And in light of that they promise to be one of the most striking features of the Field Day lineup. Even for those not particularly interested in the latest developments in post-punk, this is a live act that should be seen at least once.


Hookworms’ furious neo-psych blend has been the wonderful noise tornados since the release of Pearl Mystic in 2013, justifiably landing at the top of a number of end of year lists. They trade in mesmeric, enthralling swirls of sound with enough magnetism to leave audiences rooted to the spot. Expect to be totally absorbed and thoroughly satisfied by this set.


Another example of Field Day’s knack for spotting brilliant new features on the musical landscape. Contained in the north London sistersí sound is a huge spectrum of influence and inspiration. From giants of rock like Led Zep, to electro innovation like The Knife, via Nine Inch nails and Justin Timberlake, Jagaara issue slinky compositions that make the most of their vocal harmonies, thrust forced by an unending desire to push boundaries. We asked Jagaara some questions not long ago, have a read of them here.


Spector have undergone something of a transformation of late. Initially established as indie rock heroes, recent cuts like the brooding, tense 'All The Sad Young Men' demonstrate a different side to the band. Trying to sum up exactly what to expect from the band might be a little futile, but doubtless it will be a brilliantly executed emotive experience.


One of the most thrillingly vibrant bands on this year's lineup, Tune-Yards blend afrobeat vibes with stripped back US hipster pop sounds, all wrapped up in percussive brilliance. If you're looking for a dance, this is a good place to start. Their 2014 album nikki nack helped heave them even further into the limelight, so expect it to be well attended.

Django Django

Having shot to soaring success with their debut eponymous album, the Mercury nominees are in the process of proving it was no fluke with follow up Born Under Saturn. While their first was the casual brainchild of David Maclean, its successor is far more a group effort. Most importantly, it a progression from the art school indie they made their name with, but their overarching quirkiness is still the driving force behind the bands personality. Expect a charming and endearing performance, full of shimmering soundscapes and tangled rhythms.

Gaz Coombes

It’s been 20 years since the wider music loving public got to know Gaz Coombe’s glorious sideburns. And while the release of Should Coco seems an age ago, the release this year of Matador - his second solo outing - serves as testament that his knock for quality music has far from dissipated. Recent work might be a darker, less conventional beast that what some have come to expect from Coombes, but his music is still full of the starry, dreamy atmospheres that made Supergrass so enchanting in the first place.

Patti Smith

An undisputed music icon, with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame credentials to prove it, Smith appears at Field Day to perform her critically acclaimed album Horses. Forty years since it’s releases, the chance to see such a seminal album and a true punk legend is undeniably one of the biggest draws for this year’s event. If you’re going to miss this one, it better be for a good reason.


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