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by DavidBeech
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on 20 March 2015 in Features

Words: Lee Hammond

Super Luxury are the latest in the long line of amazing bands to be borne out of the phenomenally vibrant Leeds music scene and we catch up with them ahead of the release of their debut album. The more we dig around the darker corners of the Internet the more hype we found surrounding these four lads, with an album recorded almost entirely live and in the brilliant Brudenell Social Club, its understandable why a lot of people are excited about them.

On first listen of the album it was deemed that poor quality speakers were not worthy of its power, it’s now become a firm favourite on the stereo as these guys turn everything up to eleven. However, they also possess a sense of humour especially in their live shows as we talk weird happenings and the plethora of bands that they’ve supported. There’s also a shared love for the brilliant Sleaford Mods, as they’re one of the nicest acts out there right now.

In all fairness though they’ve provided us with one of the most exciting DIY debut albums for a very long time, and in a world that is flooded with bland landfill indie rock. Super Luxury are a complete breath of fresh and rather loud air, it’s rare that I’ve ever been so excited on the first listen of a record. Its instant, exciting, intense and if this translates in the live arena I’m certain that Super Luxury will be on everyone’s lips in the near future.

First of all a little bit of flattery, your album is insane (in a good way). However, it was recorded in the Brudenell right? Did you record it live or in individual parts?

Thanks very much, glad you like it! Yeah, the Brudenell is our favourite venue ever so it was great to do it there, all the instruments were recorded live, then we overdubbed the vocals.

How did it come about recording the album in the Brudenell, I wouldn’t of had it down as a typical recording environment?

Adam (frontman) works at the Brudenell as their graphic designer so we could use it gratis. As above, we love that place and go there regularly for gigs. The sound in the Brudenell is incredible – think it’s to do with the wide room / low ceilings so it’s actually a great place to record. While we were recording, one of the locals (Trev) was doing press-ups throughout the entire thing (true story).

Also it does have a pretty ambitious title in Ten Solid Years Of Applause, how did that come about?

It was a line from one of my favourite ever radio shows (“Suspense Radio”), which was an awesome Hitchcock style radio show from the 50’s / 60’s. Also, we really like the idea of being really full of yourself to an almost absurd level. We’re aware that this band gets a lot of mixed reactions, so it’s funny to say “oh, we’ve had nothing but solid applause”, as though were completely delusional.

There are also some pretty interesting track names on there, including my personal favourite ‘Kellogg’s Wasps’ what’s the story behind that track?

We came up with a breakfast cereal that was made entirely of insects, so thought it was a funny title. Also the scratchy guitars kind of sound like insects so we thought it was appropriate.

Hailing from Leeds, do you think the vastly wide music scene helped you in your quest for world domination?

Haha, you’ve realised our plans for domination, you know too much and must be silenced.

I think the Leeds music scene is incredible, so many great bands like Cowtown, That Fucking Tank and Bearfoot Beware, so we’ve been exposed to loads of great bands. There’s also an ethos In Leeds with a lot of bands that you should do things mainly because they’re fun which I think is the best way to be.

You’ve supported some pretty impressive bands since you formed; who would you say was your favourite act to support?

It’s a tie between Big Ups and Sleaford Mods. Both bands are outstanding live and some of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure to play with. It’s so refreshing to meet bands where they’re so great and loved by so many people yet they’re totally down to earth.

You’re famed for your live shows, have there been any particular moments where things haven’t gone exactly to plan (apart from Adam breaking his leg)?

Oh yes, lots and lots! Here’s my very favourite story though:

We played a show where Hamish (drummer) was dressed up wearing a waist coat and fez. Mid-show the fez fell off Hamish’s head, and at the same time his ride cymbal collapsed. Hamish was frantically trying to ask the soundman to help him put the ride cymbal back up while he was playing. What Hamish didn’t know was that the soundman was completely drunk out of his brains. The soundman staggered over to the stage, picked the fez off the floor, put it back on Hamish’s head, gave him the thumbs up and said “you’re good to go buddy!”, leaving the ride cymbal still on the floor.

That is one of the best things that ever happened to this band and it still brings tears of laughter to my eyes just thinking about it.

Off the back of that are there any plans for a full tour in support of the record? If so where, when and are you coming to Newcastle?

We will hopefully come to Newcastle soon, no plans at the moment but we like Newcastle a lot. The band Waheela are from there and I Iove them. We are a totally DIY band and are pretty much open to all offers, so you find a promoter and we'll find the party.We’re doing a tour, but its stretched out across a few weeks - we just played Leeds, Bristol and Kent (all fun shows), then we have the following:


21st - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club (Album Launch)


1st Leeds, Key Club (w/ Oozing Wound)

2nd Bristol, The Exchange (w/ Oozing Wound)

3rd - Peckham, Super Unison Recording Studio

5th - Liverpool, Maguires Pizza Bar

16th –Leeds, Nation of Shopkeepers

18th – Norwich, Owl Sanctuary

Going back to an earlier question, whom should we be watching out for? Is there anything coming out of Leeds that we might not be aware of just yet?

Yes, lots and lots. You should watch for Bearfoot Beware, Magnapinna, ZoZo, Irk, Hank Haint & Cruickshanks and Pink Rick.

One final thing, tell us something interesting about Super Luxury that not many people know?

If you watch the film Clueless, the band playing at the house party scene is actually Super Luxury. We were only 8 at the time, but they put make-up on us so we looked older. After we filmed our part, Alicia Silvertsone came over and gave me a kiss. Straight away I put my sunglasses on and said “yeaaaaaaaah”. Everyone laughed for ages.


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