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by AdamTait
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on 22 October 2015 in Features

New York's Dominique makes silky smooth, R&B inflicted pop music, the sort that inevitably sucks you in and stays floating around your head for days. Vocally, think perhaps along similar lines to Rainy Milo, but lyrically more sophisticated and wildly more adventurous in terms of instrumentation. The music's draw is plain to see on new music platform Tradiio, where Dominique has collected a Track Of The Day plaudit and two Track Of The Month honours. Anyhow, given all that we thought we better have a word and find out what the deal is. Have a read below and the head to her Tradiio Page to show some support. Boom.

First off, who are you, where are you from, what do you do, what's your story?

I’m Dominique from Saint Petersburg, FL (now based in NYC) and I’m a singer, songwriter, and producer. I make electronic, indie pop and I’m trying to focus on self-producing and self-engineering my music, and being able to translate the music I hear in my head to my computer.

What's it like to be a musician in New York? Can you tell us in five words?

Intimidating, motivating, inspiring, door-opening, and exciting.

What's your earliest musical memory? At what point did you know you wanted to be a musician?

I used to sing with my dad’s band at age 5. I’ve been going in and out of wanting to be a musician ever since, but I started taking it more seriously three years ago.

If you weren't, what else would you be doing?

I just got my bachelor’s in biology, so I’d be in grad school, on track for a research career in a genetics-related field.

We read somewhere you had plans to come to Europe to work on your EP. Has that happened, or is it still to come? Why come to Europe?

I spent three months during the summer in Paris. I actually wasn’t as inspired as I’d initially thought I’d be, and was kind of still dealing with the fact that I was done with school forever and my life was changing. As soon as I got back to NYC, I started making more music than ever. I want my debut EP to really be something special, so I’m going to give myself enough time to make that happen and release singles in the meantime.

What's been the biggest moment of your musical career so far?

The release of 'It’s Only You'. I had no clue so many people would like it as anytime I’d put out music beforehand it was much less of a response. It gave me hope to actively pursue this dream of being a musician that I’ve always had.

What's been the toughest point so far?

Following that release, I went through a period of fear-driven writer’s block. My next single is actually about this experience. I was so terrified of writing a bad song that I ended up not really writing anything for months.

There seems to be quite an eclectic range of influences at play in your music. Which musicians have had the biggest impression on you?

I listened to a lot of Miike Snow, Lana Del Rey, Foster the People, and Empire of the Sun in the past few years and I’ve been really inspired and influenced by the production in their music. But I think mainstream pop music influences my writing the most.

How and why has your creative process developed since your earliest attempts at songwriting?

I started out playing guitar to help with songwriting when I was 16, but was very unsatisfied as I mainly listened to, and tried to write, electronic music and couldn’t express that aspect with my guitar. I began using Garageband soon after, then started using Ableton Live when I was around 20. I’m finally just now being able to successfully translate the ideas I construct in my head to the production in my music, but I still have a long way to go.

How did teaming up with Førte for the 'Don't' remix come about?

Førte’s publicist got in touch with my manager as he was interested in working together since he heard 'It’s Only You', so we sent him the stems and he worked his magic.


What have you got planned next? Any chance of European shows?

I’m working on getting a band together, and have a few singles I’m working on that I’ll be releasing over the next few months. Nothing planned as of yet, but I sure hope there’ll be some in the near future!

What are you excited about in the world of music at the moment, other than your own projects?

I’m excited that up-and-coming writers and producers in the non-mainstream music world are making such big changes and are even working with artists in the mainstream world. For example, SOPHIE working with Madonna.

What could the music world do without right now?

Formulas/unoriginality when it comes to making music.

And finally, tell us something surprising about yourself.

I can speak French and sometimes write music in French.



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