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Introducing: Demob Happy

by DavidBeech
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on 26 November 2014 in Features
Record Label Milk Parlour Records
Release date Out Now

(Questions: Lee Hammond)

Known for their inventive and off kilter garage-rock as much as their anarchic live performances, adopted Brightonians Demob Happy have seemingly reached a new level of depravity with their most recent single 'Succubus'. All angular, discordant guitars, clattering percussion and a deranged vocal delivery, it comes off like Cursive suffering through a particularly nasty acid trip; the video an archaic, somewhat suitably hallucinogenic forray in to the collectively warped minds of Demob Happy.

Indeed, perhaps we should expect little less from a band who pride themselves on both a surreality, and a DIY aesthetic that would make even the most stringent hardcore kid jealous. Again, such is the band's penchant for being out there, that they included a cover of Technohead's 'I Want to Be A Hippy' as the B-side to 'Succubus'.

Maybe it's the assumed enjoyment of mind-expanding chemicals, or whether it's the apparent bird-flu the band have somehow contracted I don't know. What I do know is that when we asked Matt Marcantonio (bass & vocals) a few questions, his replies were somewhat strange.

Hi Matt, thanks for taking the time out to have a chat with us. How are you?

Horrifically ill with Swine Flu.

Firstly, the name, where does the name come from? Is there any significance behind it?

We were all so high on dodgy trans-dimensional Swine Flu medicine when an ancestral vision of ourselves guided us into creation.

So you've just torn up the UK on your first headline tour, how was it?

We came into close contact with a lot of fans which was great, but we were worried about spreading the more harsher strains of Swine Flu.

You’re known for your riotous shows but were there any particular highlights?

Maidstone was a highlight due to its unexpected, sombrero wielding, crowd surfing super dudes.

Similarly, in the past have you suffered any horror stories from your touring experiences?

What's worse than the Swine Flu? That's harsh, man.

How did you all meet? I see you’re from Brighton and Newcastle so how did all of this come about? Was it through a band based Internet dating site?

We just met studying the intricacies of our upper liver limits.

How come your gear got taken away by the noise police? Was this an isolated incident or is it part of a run of incidents?

We had a neighbour with a bad attitude who stole our stuff so we punished him with riotous rock n roll. Then the police came and spoilt the fun like usual.

The single, 'Succubus', was recorded in an isolated Welsh cottage. How was that? Did it help the creative process or did it make it a little more difficult?

It wasn't isolated on purpose, it was more of a quarantine imposed on us by the welsh and international governing bodies to stop us infecting our valuable world leaders at the g20 summit.

How was working with Andy Jackson, did he bring anything interesting to the table?

We didn't directly work with him, he just twiddled knobs on our behalf to master the track. And what a fine job he did!

Similarly, are there any plans for an album comprised of material from that session? What can we expect from the other material you laid down?

An EP is in the works but exact details and plans are pretty thin. I think it birthed another single though, but as to when I know not.

The B-side to Succubus is an anarchic version of Technohead's ‘I Wanna Be A Hippy’, what made you decide to cover such a track, and what has been the reception of it so far?

We recorded that because we played it live for a while as a mid-set pick me up joke and everyone liked it more than our originals.

In the past you've bought studio gear in order to record with, before returning it to the shop from which you bought it after the sessions. Were there any problems surrounding this? How would you recommend other bands who are feeling the pinch to go about saving money themselves?

As long as you stick to the Demob Happy approved methods, as seen in our upcoming manual on frugal musicianship, you should be a-ok!

Any plans for anymore riot inducing shows in the not so distant future? If so where can we catch you?

New shows are coming in thick and fast, but another tour is planned for next year for anyone out in the sticks. It all happens on our Facebook, like us for updates!

Similarly, Wolf Alice started a mosh-pit at your Birthday's show, are you planning on reciprocating?

We’re banned from entering any large crowds due to our crippling Swine Flu.

You're finally starting to make some headway and become a name in your own right, but are there any smaller bands that you think our readers should be listening out for?

The Alan Thornberry Experience are these 3 ancient old cosmic surfing war veterans. They're going from strength to strength. Find them on MySpace.

Finally, approaching 2015 (all of a sudden), what does the not so distant future hold for Demob Happy?

We’re gonna continue our exponential growth ‘till we become omniscient, wise, religious leaders and start a love cult.

Thanks guys, it's been a (somewhat bizarre) pleasure!



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