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Introducing: Rob Bravery

by DavidBeech
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on 10 April 2015 in Features

Photo: Remy Georgia

Those first, early reviews and coverage can be critical in an artist just starting out, it can be the difference between being noticed by bigger institutions, and floundering in underground obscurity. Just as well then, that the PR machine behind newcomer Rob Bravery has been working overtime, allowing the subtle and somewhat melancholic pop to reach the ears of the upper echelons of the music press.

Having impressed the likes of Q and Line of Best Fit with his debut single 'Knock Out Ginger' thanks to his combination of Michael Jackson-esque vocals and Massive Attack's ambient production, Bravery's deft awareness of pop music isn't to be underestimated. And if his latest single is anything to go by, there's enough of a crossover to keep even the genre's fiercest critics quiet.

'Me, Myself and the Scruvy Knave', premièred recently on Best Fit, begins with both a piano melody and rhythm, believing the self-deprecating lyricism, whilst a shift in key and the understated introduction of electronics around the halfway point transforms the song entirely, picking up more than a little of the darkness harboured by the aforementioned 'Knock Out Ginger'. It's this unexpected, yet perfectly executed, key change that illustrates Bravery's inherent musicality and sharp understanding of composition that sets him apart from the seemingly inescapable slew of Top 40 singer/songwriters.

It's impressive stuff, and no doubt we'll see plenty more from Rob Bravery over the coming months.


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