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by DavidBeech
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on 01 February 2015 in Features
Record Label Merge Records
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Whilst they have been doing the rounds for a couple of years now, the momentum behind Twerps seems to have stepped it up a gear of late, and the Australian four piece are currently enjoying a surge in popularity as they gear up to the release of their second album Range Anxiety.

Those already familiar with the band will find a lot to love within the record, but for those who have yet to jump on the bandwagon, Twerps offer up a kind of sun-kissed C86-era indie-pop, with jangles aplenty and a seemingly distinct Aussie outlook on life which allows the band to uphold their identity, as well as making it abundantly clear from whom they draw their influence.

Using a C86 comparison might well lead many to believe that Twerps are just another indie-pop band with a penchant for nostalgia, but that simply isn't the case. And whilst there may well be an underlying thread of nostalgia woven deftly through their core, the band also manage to channel such contemporary acts as Veronica Falls and Real Estate. The result? A charming and inarguably twee end product which manages to be both sickly sweet and at times, bitingly observational.

We caught up with singer Martin Frawley for a few words around the album's release.

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time out to answer our questions. How's it going?

Good, how are you going there?

Great, thanks. The name Twerps doesn't hold any particularly positive connotations, it is however, somewhat suited to your lo-fi, twee-pop slacker sound. Was this a concious decision when choosing your name?

Not much, we just needed a name for our first show and for some reason I came up with that. I'm very embarrassed by the name to be honest.

I could be wrong, but it seems more and more bands from Australia and New Zealand are finding footing in the UK more frequently than ever at the moment. Why do you think that is?

I'm not really sure, I guess maybe because there has been some really cool bands come out Australia in the last 10 years and it puts a spotlight on a certain place and then people get interested in the scenes more. I'm so very very excited to see your country and feel extremely privileged to be able to travel and play music.

There seems to be an inherent optimism that runs throughout Range Anxiety, even on some of the (slightly) more downbeat tracks, do you think that's a particularly Australian trait? Similar sounding British bands have a far less sunnier disposition than yourselves.

Mmmmm maybe because there is more sun here? And there is more space? I haven't really thought about that but I think you are right. we are a big sized country but we are still very young and little, maybe its just that idea of hoping for more because we have a little and some what shameful history.

Your self-titled debut was linked thematically by a narrative of conflicted love, is this something you've picked up again with Range Anxiety or is there something different going on?

Na not really. Haha stick with what you know or live with. I'm fascinated by relationships and people. That's what I write about. Julia and I are in a relationship and we play on that. But I don't know I aint gonna sing about making money or getting locked up cause that's not what happens to me. I just work a lot and probably drink too much.

You recently announced a string of US tour dates, how do the crowds between Australia and the US compare?

Ummm well up and down obviously. Once a girl in the audience at a college show couldn't stop screaming because I said I was from Australia. That was weird. But we have a bigger presence at home so the shows are usually bigger. Either way its cool to meet people from other places in the world, share a drink and hear their story. Sometimes it can be tough. but it beats driving a truck and waiting tables.

Similarly, you've also been announced to play this year's SXSW, is it the first time you've played the festival, and what are you expecting from it?

Nope we have placed it twice before. I'm not expecting much, maybe a few free beers and a laugh. It's tiring, but some people do get good things from it. I hope we play well and people enjoy us. Also this time we get to stay in a hotel, not on people's floors so it might actually be heaps easier.

With your new album nearing it's release, what can we expect following it up? Are you planning on hitting the UK when you come to Europe in May?

Yep yep, I'm pumped. Please come to our shows and buy us beers. We are a thirsty lot and will have some good stories to tell, we are also good listeners.

Finally, any parting words or news you'd like to leave our readers with?

Do your thing!

Thanks guys, it's been a pleasure. Hope to see you when you hit the UK and buy you a beer!


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