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on 08 February 2016 in Features

In light of the launch of Lost Dawn’s mini-album Fever, Shout4Music threw a few questions in the direction of drummer Ben Wood who, obligingly, threw back some answers. When you're done, read what we had to say about the release here.

Congratulations on the new release. I hear a real range of sounds with some good rock n roll bones throughout. You guys also seem to retain the enjoyment of just getting a groove on. That said, can you speak a little, about the general sound of Fever?

Thanks. You’ve summed it up pretty well. When we recorded we hadn’t been playing for long as a three piece and just wanted to capture what was going down when we played together. Some of the tracks are pretty much straight up live recordings, whilst others are us writing as we go a little. Its rough round the edges - we weren’t seeking perfection, more something that we could enjoy, and other people can enjoy, and that gives an indication of where we’re at as a band

Why a mini-album?

We wanted to release something that would bridge the gap between the first and what will become the second full length records. Our first album was written and recorded by myself and Stan, and a lot of the writing took place in the studio. When Joel started playing with us, all of a sudden we were writing in the room together as we played. So it felt good to put something out to ease the change for us.

If you had a time machine, and could go to any gig at any time, who would you go see?

Dylan at the Albert Hall, Manchester, in ‘66 as he’s turning electric. The one where he gets called “Judas”. Or The Velvet Underground when they did their stint at Maxes Kansas City.

If you could recommend one essential album that gets your collective musical juices flowing in each of the following categories, what would you choose? Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue...
Something old – “No Other” by Gene Clarke (I’m trying to decide what we might choose as a band). We always listen to this when we’re on the road - it’s an incredible album. But I tend to hog the stereo so I’m probably biased!
Something new - when does new start and end? I’d probably say anything within the last ten years could be classed a new. And we’ve been listening to a lot of LCD Soundsystem together the last few months, we’re headed to Primavera in June so finally getting the chance to see them. So I’m bending the rules to make that fit, and I’ll choose Sound Of Silver
Something borrowed - Beck’s record club from a few years back - he’d cover (borrow?!) an album in a day with a bunch of great musicians. Highlights include “The Songs of Leonard Cohen", “The Velvet Underground and Nico”, and a Skip Spence’s “OAR”. Their interpretations are really inspiring (his 360 degree cover of Sound and Vision is also mind blowing)
Something blue - the album Blue by Joni Mitchell. We’ve never talked about it so I have no idea what the other guys make of it. But I bet they’ve shed a tear to it

If you could commit a minor crime with a major celebrity, who would you choose and what would you do?

Right now Donald Trump tops the list of celebrities that need a big old slap. Surely that’d be a minor crime at most. Normally I’d go for George Osbourne but it’s important to stay topical

Cornwall – discuss.

It’s a great place to write and record - we have a cool studio to work in called Troubador and there’s loads of sweet bands around to play with. It is cut off from the rest of the world though, and whilst that has been a benefit in the past, it’s starting to get to us.

Fever is available now, and Lost Dawn are on the road in February, dates here: www.lostdawnrock.com/shows


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