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by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 24 May 2016 in Features

United Fruit are noisy, in the most fantastic way. Hailing from Glasgow, the quartet have recently released their second album Eternal Return, a slightly more subdued follow-up to 2011's Fault Lines. Following our review of that new record, we present you with this short Q&A with the band for a little more insight.

Covering the band's past, present and future, the below brain-picking will hopefully provide some context to United Fruit's raucous sound. And as mentioned below, the band's live performances are particularly enthralling, so be sure to check them out if they appear to ruin a venue near you!

Starting off in a boring and predictable place: provide us with a brief introduction to the band including how you formed, where the name came from, and how you got to here?

We met at a house party in 2008 and bonded over our mutual taste in good music. Push came to shove and we started jamming together! Everything flowed well so we started booking shows and it all escalated from there. The name is from a Cheech & Chong movie. It's also the name of an old American company.

Fruit questions: what is your favourite fruit, and how often do you eat your recommended five-a-day?

The classic banana I'd have to say. None of us eat our five-a-day sadly, unless beer and fags count?

How would you describe your debut album 'Fault Lines' in a few sentences?

A punchy angular record. Lots of discordant sounds peppered with rich melody. It's aggressive and bold.

What have the band been up to since that album's release, and how has your sound evolved (if at all)?

We've been touring a lot. Mainly around Europe, although we've travelled to America for shows too, mainly SXSW. Our sound has evolved quite a bit. We've channelled the discord and aggression into something slightly more digestible. More straight up punk really. We've drawn more from our shoegaze influences of late.

Similarly, how would you describe your new album 'Eternal Return' in a few sentences?

A more melodic and direct sonic attack. Plenty of hooks but still harnessing our trademark noise and energy.

What is the significance of the new record's title, and what are its main themes?

It's quite a personal subject, but in short, it is dedicated to a loved one that we lost.

Which acts inspire and influence you sound, and what factors outside music influence your sound the most?

We are huge fans of bands such as METZ, Sonic Youth, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, CAN, Beach Fossils, My Bloody Valentine and many more. We are influenced by love and fear. Visceral emotion.

How does a United Fruit live show generally go down, and how does the music compare to the recorded versions?

We are a very energetic bunch live. You can expect it to be loud and raucous! We are quite a bit heavier live than on record. We improvise certain sections to give the live experience more originality and excitement. It can prove to be very interesting!

What is your opinion on the current state of politics in the UK / Scotland, and what are your strongest political opinions (and why)?

I can't speak for the rest of the band but we aren't too politically inclined to be honest. We're more interested in consuming our lives with our music and not getting distracted by politics. It can take up a lot of time and energy which we'd rather savour for creating music and perfecting our craft live.

Finally, what you been your favourite songs / albums of 2016 so far, and which releases are you looking forward to in the months to come?

Got to admit that the new Radiohead release is fantastic. Really enjoying their direction. We've got our fingers crossed for a new Preoccupations record, a new METZ record, and maybe something from Girl Band and Protomartyr wouldn't go amiss! Obviously the best case scenario would be a new Daughters record and At The Drive-In.

Now that you've been injected with a suitable dosage of United Fruit knowledge, you can check out the track 'Where The Sun Beats Down' from Eternal Return below (or the full record through it's official premiere on Spin). If you like what you here, the album is of course available for purchase on iTunes right now.


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