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by JayDuncan
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on 06 August 2015 in Features

With a debut release worthy of much admiration and praise, we welcome Producer, songwriter and DJ Ed is Dead into the Shout4Music hot seat. Read on to get a further understanding of this fresh new sound from Spain enticing our ears into a frenzy. 

How did the title 'Ed Is Dead' come around? 

I took it from a Pixies song, probably even not their best, but I picture myself as an insomniac, a bit obsessive and feeling comfortable in the darkness of a studio without needing much sunlight, so though it fitted the purpose. 

Which artist influenced you the most to debut your work?

Its a hard one to answer, because I´m a melomaniac, and I think you never figure out which one of all the music in your live has influenced you the most, even other disciplines like painting, dance or movies.

In the last years artists like St. Vincent, The Weeknd, Flume or Woodkid make me feel that there's still a little light at the end of the tunnel, and since I started in music. Bjork, Refused, Aphex twin, Trentemoller, Nirvana, Helmet, Depeche, Otis Reading, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson are few of my favourite artists..( if were to answer this question again in ten minutes, the artist list will be completely different!) 

How are the music scenes in Spain and England different?

To be honest I barely know the underground music 'scene' in England but in Spain is too hard for a guy to express himself and perform in clubs with his music, basically there are only few places where you can really play 'real original music', I mean, no matter if electronic, acoustic or any genre...but it's hard to find an audience waiting for something new and original, all the places are full of mainstream or 'underground standards' (which is probably the same thing) and may be this is for me, the big difference between the Spanish and English industry, in England you encourage the artists to be original, to be different and there is space in radios, clubs, venues to show this kind of 'freshness', In Spain, people copying one another each trying to earn the role of the 'new one hit wonder clone'. You also see this with the promoters and labels, they're all looking for this, it's a shame and in my opinion, this is killing the uniqueness!

What was the selection process for the guest vocalist on the album?

Slowly, Tedious and sometimes frustrating... but it really paid off, some of the vocalists were people I had recorded with before, or vocalists I collaborated with in other projects (Odille, Clara, Niccó, or Ed Zepp) I was pretty sure that when I decided to start my debut album they all had to make an appearance somewhere. 

What was your favorite sound/instrument when working on the album?

Wow... I'm a little freak about gear, instruments and sound... In the album there are a lot Synths, plugins and all kind of electronic toys but there are also a lot of guitars. I'm in love with my Fender Jazzmaster which I recorded most of the guitar samples on. During the composition and recording process I was obsessed with creating an 'organic' sound, so I start to record atypic things like sand falling down, noises, crystals, wood strokes and things like that.

'Change' seems to abolish any sign of a genre specific album, what would you say to those who categorize it as 'House'?

Mmm... It's easy to argue there is no trace of House in some tracks...and at the same time House has been one of my favourites genres for a long time, and of course it's present in my other projects.

For Example... The 1st track on the album 'Change' has no drums until the very end of the song and even then it's only about 90 bpm. The second track 'shame' is composed using an African pattern, and 'Black' featuring vocalist Taki Tekyurt is a triphop/drummy/downtempo track...so I think it's too simple to see 'Change' as a 'house album', Don´t misunderstand me though, I love house, but I also love soul, drum n bass, rock, experimental. I was trying to create a 'no genre' album with my debut. 

 Check out Ed is Dead's debut album CHANGE here via the Soundcloud link.

Watch the video for Praise (feat. Odille) here:





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