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by MichelleScott
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on 13 October 2013 in Features

Following the release of the album ‘The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be’ last month through Club AC30, Exit Calm’s vocalist Nicky Smith took the time to answer some questions for us. The acclaim of that album means the remainder of 2013 looks to be an enjoyable one for the Yorkshire-based psych-quartet.

The band’s recent video ‘When They Rise’ is included at the bottom also, for your viewing pleasure, after some exclusive preview images surfacing on Shout4Music in the last month.

How did the band meet?

The other three were in the band Lyca Sleep. I loved them. I answered an advert in Jumbo Records for a band called Blind Shore. Turned out to be them. In the first few rehearsals we wrote ‘With Angels’ and ‘Always A Way’.

Where does your band name come from?

Simon [Lindley, bass] found it in a book he was reading at the time and it was also inspired by Lunatic Calm.

What inspired the name of your new album?

A friend of mine suggested it, I liked the play on words and used it in the chorus of ‘Open Your Sky’ – Simon pulled it out as an album title.

Biggest influences for the album writing?

Each other.

Do you have any nicknames for your band mates – can you share them?

Yes, but our mothers may read this so I best not.

Most embarrassing moment on stage?

We supported South in Hoxton years ago, and for most of the set I was not coming through the PA just the monitors. So we didn't know until the end.

Worst vacation you ever went on?

The only time I ever flew I went to Australia. It was the coldest summer they had in a hundred years. Still loved it though.

What does the next year hold for Exit Calm?

We’re going to push this album as far it goes and probably look at recording more material in the summer.

Eternal day or eternal night?

I’m not a Goth, nor a sun worshipper, but I would have to say the night. You can't darken the day but you can light up the night.

Thoughts on the band Exit Ten?

Never heard of them.

What was the first CD/vinyl you ever bought? What was the most recent one?

The first piece of music I ever bought was a 12" of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, but it was on cassette. The first vinyl I ever bought was Tiffany’s ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’. The most recent CD I got was The Jabberwocky Band.

What is something that we would be surprised to learn about you?

Probably the above?

Do any of you have any hidden talents?

Scott can fly (planes).



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