Q&A: Sea Change

by DavidBeech
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on 13 February 2015 in Features
Record Label Self-Release
Release date February 23rd 2015

Following on from an early album review, and feature. It's clear we here at Shout4Music have been quite taken with Norwegian songstress Ellen A. W. Sunde, otherwise known as Sea Change. Her understated synth work; the explorations in dynamics; the fragile and icy vocal delivery, it all contributes towards a small and apparently simplistic body of work, which, when you scratch below it's chilly façade, reveals a wealth of nuanced compositional choices and a diverse yet ultimately flattering array of influences.

With her debut album Breakage now on the verge of its release, we caught up with Sea Change in order to get a brief insight in to what makes her tick. You can also hear 'We Run' below, the latest single to be taken from the album.

You mentioned that Sea Change was a project about “letting go and just being comfortable in this space.” Do you think that's why you went with the name, as an allusion to certain things being out of your hands as it were?

Yes in some ways. It’s out of my hands but that’s also the beauty of it. No one knows what will come, but you know things will change. And that’s what I want with my music, I want it to constantly be in a change.

Also I really love the sound of Sea Change.

You're just about to release your debut album Breakage, it's pretty dark stuff for a what's a pop album at heart, and quite emotionally heavy, was this your original intention when writing the record?

Hehe. I don’t consider it to be a very dark record. But I guess it’s a better listen in the night time or on the night bus. Everything I write about is fragments of my own life, so its bound to be emotional I guess.

Is there a particular theme that runs through the record, and if so was it something that was there from day one, or did it manifest itself as you got closer to completion?

It wasn't my plan but I do find myself writing a lot about the same over and over again. Like freedom, the need to let everything go and just run away, insecurity...

I write about love as well of course!

Some of the tracks also seem deeply personal, and somewhat paradoxically, personal for your fans too. Do you think that kind of emotional response is the key to making good pop music?

Yes, definitely. Music and art in general needs to have certain resonance in order to be more than a sigh. It doesn't need to be pleasant but you need to feel something. I think everyone is very much the same. I think that my thoughts and battles and struggles goes universally. When it comes to us and them, I think everyone feels different than the others.

The artwork of the record is also quite dark, what's the story behind that, and how do you feel it ties in with the record itself?

Thank you for mentioning that. It is a piece from the wonderful artist Lorella Paleni. She very kindly let me use it. It is called Rift and is a acrylic painting.

Her art is so wonderful and dreamy and I found it fitting so well to my music. The image from the album cover is dark in that matter that even that your body is calm there can be a storm inside you. And also I love that she is just sitting there while the wall behind her seems to break and disappear.

You recently announced a small European tour which takes in Holland, the UK, and Germany amongst others. How do the crowds differ from country to country? Do you get similar reactions in central Europe than you would in Scandinavia?

I find that Germans is a very good and listening audience. They are very interested in new music. They don't talk during your show and that’s amazing. Scandinavians are more humble and might measure/inspect you up and down in a way. Slovenia, my first show in the more eastern part of Europe, were different again. They were a great audience and were dancing as well. Loved it. My few gigs in UK has also been good, a listening audience. Or maybe I'm just lucky.

With the album on the cusp of release, what can we expect from Sea Change as the year progresses?

More touring! And I really hope to start to make my second album soon, I can feel it inside me. It will be good.

Finally, any parting words for our readers?

I hope you'll like my album, stay cool.


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