Super Feature: 050 Boyz

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 15 July 2015 in Features

We have something special for you, and we're going to call it a "Super Feature" because that sounds special, right? What it is, to break the air of mystery, is an Introducing, Video Premiere and Whispering With... piece - all in one. If your pulse is adequately racing, read on for considerably more information on 050 Boyz.

Let's start with the Introducing side of things to set the scene, with some background of this New Jersey trio. Comprised of Prince AK, Tru Trilla and Riq da Kid, the outfit formed officially in 2010 following some planted seeds during the 2004 Garden State Greats movement where the flame of creativity was initially sparked. As well as extensive musical careers, the three members have also dabbled in film and TV including, but certainly not limited to, their own creation 'The Zoo'. They have now returned in 2015 with a new record, 'Everything 050' released on August 4th through their own 050 Entertainment. 

Hailing from New Jersey, as mentioned, the band are exceptionally proud of their geographical and musical heritage, as far as their name is a reference to the local area code. Inspired by nearby artists, and with their career likely having a hand in the direction of upcoming artists, 050 Boyz could be be viewed as personifying the values of family and dedication. If all of that isn't exciting enough for you (endearing and talented musicians-cum-actors), then the music should seal the deal. Reflecting their history, and respect of hip-hop's Golden Era, the outfit's music is something both nostalgic and fresh, just listen to it already.

Actually, before that, some photos. Now it's time for the Whispering With.. portion of this Super Feature, something started with Us Baby Bear Bones over two years ago, and not done nearly enough times in the subsequent months. The premise is that we ask "simple" questions and the artists responses with image based words, hopefully to comic effect. Needless to say, neither Shout4Music nor 050 Boyz hold any rights to any of the images used, they are used simply for fun. Check out that short, but sweet, interview below: 

Hello, how are you? (We're fine, in good form.)

What is the weather like today? (Raining on and off.)

What are your plans for the rest of the day? (Creating magic in the lab.)

Could you describe 050 Boyz in one word? (Dynamic.)

Could you describe the video you have supplied us with in one word? (Hip-hop.)

What is your biggest musical influence? (The success of New Jersey's Redman, Naughty by Nature, Lords of the Underground and Queen Latifah.)

What is your biggest non-musical influence? (Family, struggle and each other.)

What is your favourite film? (Our film, 'The Zoo'.)

How would you describe the 050 Boyz songwriting process? (A meeting of great minds!)

Do you have any parting nuggets of wisdom to share with us? (Always follow your dreams.)

Following those two features, and all that madness, it's time for the "Big Event" - the Video Premiere. The video itself is a live performance of the track 'What Happened', taken from the band's upcoming album 'Everything 050', released August 4th as mentioned before. You can check that out via the Vimeo player below, and we hope you love it and all that has come before. If you did, you can check out the band on Facebook and Twitter, and keep up to date with all the latest 050 Boyz news.


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