The Superman Revenge Squad Band - There Is Nothing More Frightening Than The Passing Of Time

by RolandMcIntyre
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on 07 October 2013 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Audio Antihero
Rating 8/10

Ben Parker – otherwise known as The Superman Revenge Squad – augments his lo-fi style with tasteful strings, percussion and brass on his appropriately-titled new album, and though his musings on life and love are nostalgic, and often maudlin, they're run through a delicious pop-culture sensibility that proves both endearing - such as on 'Flavor Flav', a breakup set to the backdrop of the flagging fortunes of Public Enemy– and heartbreaking: as when Parker worries the meaningful memories of his life are lost amidst movie and TV references. There's a specific sensibility at play throughout: touching on a generation of a certain age defining their own experiences via TV quotes and film references - a generation watching their own lives from the outside as they reduce their actions to vicariously living out established tropes; and Parker hits the (bitter)sweet spot perfectly, aided by some strikingly tasteful musicianship. He's a songwriter more than a singer – similarities to Aidan Moffat abound – but if the sound of a caffeine-and-comic-book-fuelled Arab Strap appeals, you'll find this very special indeed.


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