Top 10 Free Downloads of the Week – 25/02/2014

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 25 February 2014 in Features

Back to normal service now, no more power in the hands of my friends, the power is all mine – ALL MINE.

Yet again scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel in terms of tracks here, so included are some older tracks, as well as a totally self-indulgent plug in the form of the Vasa EP. A lovely post-rock band from “my neck of the woods” who I hope you’ll love. So without further ado, some free music, m’Ladies and Lords:

Champs – ‘Only A Bullet Knows Where To Run’

Champ’s album ‘Down Like Gold’ come out this week, and this track is a complimentary cut from it. The cheery sing-along vibes are thrown in with some down-beat melodies for an emotional atmosphere, a strong introduction to that album it would seem. [8/10] [DOWNLOAD]

Model Aeroplanes – ‘Innocent Love’

Some young folks now [pictured above], in the form of Dundee’s Model Aeroplanes. All the pop and indie hooks your brain can stand, and then maybe some more. There’s scope in here for a “high in the sky” pun… suggestions on a postcard! Meanwhile, check out this band while they’re hot, you won’t regret it. [9/10] [DOWNLOAD]

Ed Thomas – ‘Outlaws [EP]’

Never judge a book by its cover – but what about music and its artwork? The ‘Outlaws’ artwork has a certain charm, and so does the music it represents, so no misleading information there. Five atmospheric tracks characteristic by subtle electronics and a crooning vocal, brought to life to musical flourishes, you might even be tempted to pay money for this instead. [8/10] [DOWNLOAD]

Forest Swords – ‘The Weight Of Gold’

Forest Swords were lingering at the top of my “Albums From 2013 I Still Need To Listen To” list, and ‘Engravings’ did not disappoint when I finally gave it some deserved attention. ‘The Weight Of Gold’ is a worthy taster of what to expect, and likely to entice you into devouring the whole musical cake. [9/10] [DOWNLOAD]

Wild Ones – ‘Paia’

Taken from the debut album ‘Keep It Safe’ which is released this April on Topshelf Records, there’s nothing particarly “WILD!” on display here. Which is absolutely fine, as what is on display is a Now, Now-esque display of shuffling musicianship and vocal/lyrical sweetness. Paia’s a place in Hawaii, just in case you were interested. [8/10] [DOWNLOAD]

Jim Kroft – ‘I Hope You Know’ [LIMITED]

Following another Jim Kroft not that long along, ‘I Hope You Know’ is only available for free for a limited time – so be sure to snap it up swiftly. Despite sounding suspiciously like The Script, it’s a endearing track, no doubt at home on a romantic comedy soundtrack. It, like previous track ‘Hooligan Army’ is from the upcoming album ‘Lunatic Lullabies’, which you should probably check out. [8/10] [DOWNLOAD]

Quiet Marauder – ‘Accidental Voyeur’

Seemingly going at one pace, Quiet Marauder have an inherent attitude throughout their music, no doubt amplified by that spoken word kick. Once you’ve lapped up this track, be sure to go revel in ‘I Want A Moustache, Dammit’ which you can also grab for free [HERE]. If you want genuine smile-on-the face music, crank up the volume, the neighbours will love it (honest). [9/10 – Free Download of the Week] [DOWNLOAD]

Spark – ‘Jump (Stripped)’

Although the embedded playlist doesn’t include this track, it does give a taste of what to expect, and if you want a real idea, there’s a thirty-six second sampler of this track on the same Soundcloud page! But yes, with pianos and vocals and electronics, Spark’s idea of “stripped” is somewhat more dynamic than an acoustic guitar arrangement – not that anyone’s complaining. [8/10] [DOWNLOAD]

Donovans – ‘Eastwest’

Now to round off with some instrumentals, the first of which is electronic courtesy of Donovans (Nicolas Nekmouche to his friends). A dark atmosphere is painted as the song’s sections ebb and flow like an ocean of… mysterious, micro-brew ale? There’s a chilling feel at play here, but it only adds to the enjoyment. [8/10] [DOWNLOAD]

Vasa – ‘Never Have Dreams [EP]’

Last but by no means least, Vasa. A Glasgow-based post-rock band, who have a tendency for composing beautiful and captivating instruments… how considerate of them! If you don’t believe me, be sure to grab ‘Never Have Dreams’ and be amazed, then join the queue for that elusive second release. [9/10]


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