S4M TV // Hugh - 'One Of These Days' http://t.co/lVK39Du0sf
Apologies for the delay. To avoid any further waiting, I’ll just say that I still don’t like the new (and bigger) Soundcloud players, and get on with it. Enjoy: The...

Top 10 Free Downloads of the Week – 01/04/2014

by Kyle McCormick on 01 April 2014

Looking mysterious and wistful seems to be the name of the game here (see the above photo), with Paul Thomas Saunders’ space-inspired debut album ‘Beautiful Desolation’....

Q&A: Paul Thomas Saunders

by Kyle McCormick on 01 April 2014

Following years as a vital cog in The King Blues musical machine, frontman Itch has unleashed his first tangible piece of material as a solo entity, in the form of debut album...

Q&A: Itch

by Kyle McCormick on 01 April 2014

Amoral - ‘No Familiar Faces’ (Graphite Records) Firstly, we’re transported back to the early 90s as grunge and metal are alive and well in the hearts of Amoral. This single,...

This Week in Singles - 31/03/2014

by JamieMoker on 01 April 2014

Atlanta’s Manchester Orchestra have been steadily getting on with making exceptionally good albums for 8 or so years now, even their unreleased first effort ‘Nobody Sings...

Manchester Orchestra - COPE

by SeanCollison on 31 March 2014

Stated by The Guardian as the current album of the year, at time of publishing I guess, Lapland’s debut is a record not to be taken lightly. Released on March 10th, the...

Lapland’s Lucky Seven

by Kyle McCormick on 30 March 2014

A straight-forward pop tune with an equally simplistic music video, just what everyone needs for a chirpy kick-start on a Saturday morning. This Brighton-based outfit clearly...
Tim Paris - Outback, Stones, & Vinyl (My Favorite Robot Records) ”Hello Charlie, did you have a good holiday?” are about the only words spoken on Tim Paris’ ambient...

This Week in Singles - 24/03/2014

by JamieMoker on 28 March 2014

IT’S STILL TECHNICALLY THE WEEK OF RELEASE, IF YOU GO BUY THE AMERICAN RELEASE DATE, SO YOU CAN’T COMPLAIN. (But in all seriousness, apologies for cutting it so darn fine on...
Pop Evil - ‘Trenches’ (Eleven Seven Records) Let’s start off this week’s column with SOME FUCKING METAL UP YOUR ARSE. Step forward Pop Evil with their anal probe...

This Week in Singles - 17/03/2014

by JamieMoker on 21 March 2014

Sam Brookes’ second album ‘Kairos’ is released today (17/03/14, iTunes link above), and to mark the occasion, the man himself has selected seven tracks he felt had some...

Sam Brookes’ Lucky Seven

by Kyle McCormick on 18 March 2014

Fat White Family - 'Touch The Leather' (Hate Hate Hate Records) Hello. We’re somewhere through the middle of the week and about now seems as good a time as any to look at the...

This Week in Singles - 10/03/2014

by JamieMoker on 14 March 2014

The Daily Playlist is back, and because we have starved you this week of the aforementioned feature (which, yes, is supposed be on a daily basis) for today only it will feature 20...

Daily Playlist #5

by AshMeikle on 13 March 2014

Hi there my name is Jamie, Shout4Music’s new music editor, and this is what I’ve been listening to in the past week. If you ever have anything you want to send for my...

New Music Weekly #50

by JamieBrooker on 11 March 2014

Johnny Foreigner are about as committed to the punk rock cause as you will find, and this was encapsulated by the hugely endearing, sprawling mess that was 2011’s 'Johnny...
S4M TV // Hugh - 'One Of These Days'

by AshMeikle on 31 October 2014

S4M TV // Chevelle - 'Hunter Eats Hunter'

by ArtyKarpinsky on 25 October 2014

S4M TV // FURS - 'An Eye On The Vicious'

by AshMeikle on 12 October 2014

S4M TV // Rouge - 'Strike'

by MegDuncan on 12 October 2014

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