Festival Review // @OfficialRandL 2015 - Day 3 http://t.co/VRzd6jSkp4
Having first been brought to the world's attention in 2012, Berlin-based electro duo The/Das have slowly been building up momentum with a string of releases that have earned them...

Artist's Point Of View: 'Miami Waters' - The/Das

by Kyle McCormick on 22 August 2014

Following on from the success of a debut EP in April, Sheffield four-piece High Hazels are to set to release their debut LP later this year. Produced and mastered by Matt Peel...

Artist's Point Of View: 'Misbehave' - High Hazels

by Kyle McCormick on 22 August 2014

Despite only being 22, Chromatone's sound is a fusion of both the nostalgic and the contemporary. Taking all the cool of funk and soul, and infusing it with the sharp, pop-chic of...

Chromatone's Lucky Seven

by Kyle McCormick on 22 August 2014

For a festival which started only 11 years ago with a crowd of 300 people, Green Man has matured and blossomed into something very special extremely fast. Perched in the shadows...

Festival Review: Green Man Festival 2014

by AlexJackson on 19 August 2014

Judging from the photo above, you might think that The Helmholtz Resonators are a quintet of oddballs, and you probably wouldn’t be that incorrect. The group of “renegade...
Devon Williams the South African rugby player has a Wikipedia page, but Devon Williams the American musician does not. Whilst some fans may find that a travesty, I’d say that...

Q&A: Devon Williams

by Kyle McCormick on 19 August 2014

I first became aware of Jacko Hooper as a member of the band IAM:YOURHERO, later to become Kai, and I don’t really know what happened after that… except that man himself...
Being direct descendents of a world-famous chocolate maker, it's perhaps unsurprising that the music of The Cadbury Sisters drips with a velvety sweetness that's difficult to...

Artists Point of View: 'Fire' - The Cadbury Sisters

by Kyle McCormick on 18 August 2014

Former member of girl group Parade, Jessica Agombar struck solo when the group disbanded in 2013. Now a rising name in her own right, Agombar has had a slew of releases,...

Artists Point of View: 'BAM BAM' - Jessica Agombar

by Kyle McCormick on 17 August 2014

Whilst the past twelve months has seen the creation of a new pop super group, one man absent from the aforementioned group is Charlie Simpson, who was too busy painstakingly...

Q&A: Charlie Simpson

by SeanAtkinson on 17 August 2014

Here’s another horribly late and out-dated feature from the Shout4Music Vaults… I Heart Sharks are a “German-British Indietronica” according to the oracle that is...

Q&A: I Heart Sharks

by Kyle McCormick on 15 August 2014

With one foot in the past and the other very much in the contemporary, Sheffield's The Retrospectives are fusing together a love of classic guitar acts such as The Rolling Stones...
As a music writer, you go out of your way to discover the hot new talent to get the rush from watching the progressions and dynamics of careers and record sales. Unfortunately due...

Beacons Festival Review // Day 2 & 3

by SeanAtkinson on 15 August 2014

Over two months ago, the captivating Danish trio Giana Factory released their second album ‘Lemon Moon’ through Questions and Answers – there’s an iTunes link to the...

Q&A: Giana Factory

by Kyle McCormick on 14 August 2014

With a sound that's heavily indebted to the '80s, those unfamiliar with the band may well be forgiven for thinking that Cardiff's Fjords are a nostalgic band. And they would be...

Artists Point of View: 'Sulwyn' - Fjords

by Kyle McCormick on 14 August 2014

S4M TV // KITE BASE - 'Dadum'

by AdamTait on 25 August 2015

S4M TV // Shannon and the Clams - 'Corvette'

by DavidBeech on 19 June 2015

S4M TV // Agent Fresco - 'See Hell'

by Kyle McCormick on 01 June 2015

S4M TV // Club Kuru - 'Long Drive'

by AshMeikle on 01 June 2015

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