Eugene Francis Jnr

by RobertDillon
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on 10 July 2012 in Introducing

Eugene Francis Jnr is one of those people that makes it easier to understand why so many in this world want to live the musician's lifestyle. Whilst many complain of living out of suitcases, touring non-stop whilst losing money hand over fist and being screwed out of every last penalty by a combination of evil pirates and vile record label executives, there are a handful of artists who seem to be doing just fine. Mr Francis here is one of them – having spent an age on the road in support of acts including Tegan & Sara, Coldplay and Todd Rundgren as part of folktronica practitioners The Juniors, Eugene saw out his commitments before jumping on his bike and spent a year cruising the whole of the Western Hemisphere in search of relaxation, inspiration, and plenty of other things which get lost in the jealousy you're probably feeling about now. Well, he did sell all his worldly possessions first, so fair enough.

So, what does he have to show for all this gallavanting about on his mechanical beast? A new album is what, with 'Death And Das Love Bytes' ready for release in the not-too-distant future. Maybe, just maybe, we can forgive him his excesses. The first single, the ominously-titled 'Necronomicon,' is an obvious sign of a new digital direction for Francis, metronomic beats and expertly-layered loops taking precedence in a more minimalist style, whilst all the time retaining the vocal power he has gained a reputation for. It may have been four years since his last solo album, but his distractions in the Americas have clearly served him well, for none of that original enigma has faded in the intervening period.

If you're after a slice of the dark side, something eminently danceable but a little disturbing at the same time, and layered with infectious beats throughout, Eugene is your man. The album drops later in the year, but you can download a Leopold remix of 'Necronomicon' from the widget below. Enjoy.


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