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Johnny Daukes - 'Wonder'

by PaulRiley
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on 03 October 2012 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Mumbo
Release date 8 Oct 2012
Rating 8/10
Dark, brooding, atmospheric and nostalgic, this is a slow paced and undeniably beautiful reflection on the end of something special.  Many of us have been there - at the unavoidable end of a relationship, and Wonder will resonate with you for that very reason.  Awash with bittersweet emotions, a stark and knowledgeable portrait of the point beyond which you know there really is no return, this is a formidable collection of songs that reflect the conflicting feelings experienced on the death of a relationship, also hinting at a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel.  Don’t be put off by the sombre subject matter though – this is not morose, not does it wallow in self-pity.  It is a courageous and emotionally powerful look at the repercussions of lost love from the sober perspective of hindsight.  The songs are written with a stark honesty that can only be admired for its sheer bravery, not least for the fact that both injured parties get to have their say, and their faults, failures and hurts are displayed and dissected equally.  There is no anger left here, just the sad fatality of a thing best left in the past, and the dear, empty wish that it could have been different, better.
This is an intelligent, sincere and memorable collection of songs that will win Johnny Daukes many new admirers.  He deserves them.


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