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The Finest Hour

by DanMallery
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on 13 October 2012 in Introducing

Sometimes it seems that making indie music is no longer enough for the indie music scene. The Finest Hour don’t subscribe to this way of thinking at all. They prove that sounding different from everyone else is not the same as sounding better than everyone else with their classic-sounding, old-school indie rock. The Finest Hour show that although some bands might rely on gimmicks and novelty, there really is no substitute for quality musicianship.

Hailing from Grimsby, in Lincolnshire, there is a certain amount of small-town honesty in The Finest Hour’s music. They aren’t manufactured; they’re a real, home-grown band who make real, home-grown music. Their lyrics are full of personal experience and tell real stories. Even in the short ‘Crooked Little Line’ the band convey genuine emotion in a song that lasts less than 1 and a half minutes. Of course, being an indie rock band, it isn’t all about emotional little tracks such as ‘Crooked Little Line’. The Finest Hour specialise in massive indie anthems with a bit of ska and punk thrown in for good measure. Their versatility comes across in ‘Keep Your Chin Up Kid’, where their influences are blended to produce something that sounds distinctive, yet unmistakeably indie. They also prove, with their tracks ‘Never Heard Of Dylan’ and ‘Calverly Road’, that they are not averse to making the kind of huge, energetic indie anthems that could easily fill stadiums and festival fields alike.

The Finest Hour are a reminder of what indie music should be; solid, gimmick-free music full of personality, without getting caught up in indie music ‘culture’. They might not be the most groundbreaking band of recent times, but their approach is refreshing in that they don’t try hard to be too different – they show that sounding like yourself is enough, especially when you make music as good as theirs. 


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