Q&A // Fantôme (@haninelias) http://t.co/djDqpSGReq
Not many bands can claim to have known each other since they were ten and as you can imagine those that do quite clearly have a very special band dynamic. This is more than true...

Hammer No More The Fingers

by ArusaQureshi on 09 February 2011

Currently, there doesn't seem to be an overabundance of genuinely and uniquely talented solo musicians in the music industry, which is both a blessing and a curse at the same...

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

by ArusaQureshi on 09 February 2011

From the ominous shadows of goth-rock emerge a band declared the "next big thing" by a whole host of critics and fans alike. Taking their name from a Danish fairy-tale involving...

Esben And The Witch

by ArusaQureshi on 31 January 2011

First off, buy this album! It's only £8 – less than the price of 3 pints – it's supported by the Strummerville Foundation, and all proceeds will be donated to Jail Guitar...

Various Artists – 'Breaking Rocks'

by AlasterKirk on 02 August 2010

Named after a mountain range that runs westward across the south of the Guantanamo Province to south east Cuba that was prominent in Che Guevara's uprising, Sierra Maestra is the...

Sierra Maestra

by AshMeikle on 14 December 2009

If you are a fan of the Fleet Foxes and are looking for new music of a similar vein, then you should find the Mumford and Sons sound an excitingly fresh brand of New Americana with...

Mumford And Sons

by MarcusErridge on 03 October 2009

With La Roux breaking into the UK top 10 with "In For The Kill", and Little Boots hotly tipped by the BBC's Sound of 2009 among others, there's no better time for new retro music....

Fenech Soler

by BerenReid on 14 July 2009

The band Kasms, I feel can only be described in this strange way; you know those adverts "you wouldn't go out like it", about how drunken people get and like, the boy gets...


by NeilBaston on 14 July 2009

New(ish) London trio The Invisible have been anything but invisible so far this year. Haven't heard of them? A lot of press coverage has been centred around comparisons to Bloc...

The Invisible

by NeilBaston on 30 May 2009

Recently there has been a surge of lo-fi recordings sprouting out, which would happily sit in any proud record owners collection. Adding to the crop of bands is Los Angeles,...

Little Joy

by ChrisFraser on 30 May 2009

M. Ward's effortless melodies shuffle along like a happy hillbilly drunk on moonshine in the Mississippi sun. Sixth solo album 'Hold Time' follows on from the European success of...

M. Ward

by MarcusErridge on 23 May 2009

Born of back street Brisbane parties, where the trio cut their teeth, I Heart Hiroshima have taken their aggressive start and stop sound out to the masses touring relentlessly...

I Heart Hiroshima

by NeilBaston on 23 May 2009

Ok, so there is a big white elephant in the room and the sooner we talk about it the sooner we can get on with the show. Asher Roth is a White Rapper! Right, does everyone feel...

Asher Roth

by NeilBaston on 13 May 2009

Electro-pop is blanketing the British musical scene in the early part of 2009 and yet another band have come along to throw their bleeps and bloops into the picture. Chew Lips...

Chew Lips

by NeilBaston on 13 May 2009

Interesting things are happening down at Oxford-based label 'Shifty Disco'. In addition to exciting new bands such as King Of Spain and The Young Knives is the Race. The...

The Race

by MarcusErridge on 09 May 2009

S4M TV // Lucius - 'Turn It Around'...

by AshMeikle on 24 April 2014

S4M TV // Rhodes - 'Your Soul'

by AshMeikle on 23 April 2014

Mo Kolours - 'Little Brown Dog'

by AdamTait on 12 April 2014

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