Black Peaches @ Mono, Glasgow – 04/12/2016

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 07 December 2016 in Live
Rating 8/10

Dinner and show, or more accurately, an interesting dinner and an incredible show. Mono’s vegan cuisine and Black Peaches whimsical sound resulted in a wonderful Sunday night out of the cold Glaswegian winter.

To be totally honest, I hadn’t listened to this sextet apart from a quick tour on Spotify before the show, and thus I won’t be able to highlight the names of any tracks that were particularly enjoyable or memorable, so if you’re looking for that… sorry. In any case, the description of the music on offer as “a psychotropic stew of country boogie, spiritual jazz and funk” pretty much had me sold no matter what. Another reason for a lack of specific names however, is that the tracks seemed to blend into one mass of infectious sound. For example, around half an hour into the band’s set, and maybe only two songs had been played, or maybe it was six, but who really cares if everyone is smiling and dancing?

Playing a venue which is primarily not a venue on their first trip to Glasgow, and Scotland, just adds to the atmosphere of cool. All the band members appear to be the definition of cool in their own way, and the vegan café bar location just makes you feel like you’re onto something special. That might just be the outdated sense of high school tiers talking, but if you were to envision one of those “pretentious hipsters” at a music show, it might look a little something like this.

Drawing on influences from funk, jazz, dance and rock throughout their hour-long set, the band certainly brought the party to Mono as the modest crowd vigorously shook their hips and tapped their feet to the unpredictable twists and turns of the music. At the energetic peaks, whether accented by synthesisers melodies or thundering percussion, Black Peaches are at their best, amongst this flurry of sound and emotion.

The almost uncontrollable urge to bang the table in time, or further to climb onto said table to dance along, speaks volumes to the infectious feeling running through the band’s music, is this magic? If the nightclubs of the city were to replace the predictable chart-topping bangers with these tropical compositions, that would certainly not be a bad thing… let the dancing commence.


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