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Don Broco + Mallory Knox @ Underworld, London - 21/02/2013

by ArtyKarpinsky
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on 23 February 2013 in Live
Rating 9/10

The venue is packed full and there's barely any room to move. Standing stage side overlooking the crowd it's hard to imagine what's to come but it definitely looks like a storm is brewing. A couple of guys behind me, presumably in their mid twenties are discussing the packed crowd: 'We can't go upfront its full of children'. It's hard to disagree, by the looks of it most of the audience consists of Don Broco's biggest demographic who are mostly teens. At the same time this is a fan base with the most energy and passion, that I very much end up underestimating later on.

Mallory Knox come on stage to a sizeable if not deafening cheer from the crowd. Lead singer Mikey Chapman smiles enthusiastically, posing for photos and reaching out to fans. He creates a fun atmosphere that a lot of girls go crazy for. It helps that the powerful choruses of songs like 'Wake Up' and their lead track 'Lighthouse' sends the room into a frenzy. Overall they create a great set up for Don Broco and are a solid and appropriate appetiser that gets people moving.

It's nearing 9.30 and I decide to leave my safe position on the little balcony overhead and descend to the front of the stage to take some up close photos; as it happens that’s a rash decision that I come to regret. As Don Broco walk out the room explodes and very quickly it becomes impossible to move as everyone tries to push forward while others try to jump and reach the singer. It's the type of behaviour mostly associated with heavier acts, but the adrenaline and the build up created an intense atmosphere that I have seldom seen and the security barely manage to deal with it as at least four or five girls manage to crowd surf to the top of the stage throughout the show.

Rob Damiani, young, good looking and athletic is a perfect explanation for all the screaming fans. Credit must be given where credit is due, he sure gives 100% on stage, jumping and dancing as hard as anyone below him, all while singing and mingling with the crowd. It makes one wonder if one of the biggest reasons for their rise to fame came from this charisma and stage presence that the band built over the years.

Don Broco played many hits like the opening 'Priorities', and old school demos which every single person in the crowd knew by heart. There was no one there who just tagged along with a friend, this band seems to have enveloped the whole of the current alt rock scene. We can expect more from them in the years to come and it's not hard to imagine that perhaps next time I will be reviewing them from an arena show.


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