Frankie Cosmos @ Stereo, Glasgow - 05/09/2016

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 06 September 2016 in Live
Rating 8/10

It’s warm, so warm. Yet the packed crowd in Stereo are bearing the almost unbearable heat to experience Frankie Cosmos first show in Glasgow. And the setlist for the show precedes like the albums the tracks are drawn from – they are short and sweet, but come thick and fast. Playing what seems like ten tracks in about twenty minutes, the New York quartet are burning through material whilst the crowd are burning in their shoes. (Did I mention it was warm?)

Front and centre of the stage is Greta Kline, the face of the band, although certainly not the most significant part (as she stressed during a chat earlier in the evening, but more on that later), surrounded by the trio of musician who make up what now constitutes Frankie Cosmos. After a slew of tracks from their latest record Next Thing the band delve into both the past and the future, playing at least one brand new track as Kline pleads with the audience not to record it (no really, please don’t).

The band’s sound is simple yet beautiful, and this feel from the record translates to the live show, albeit with a little more energy and heat thrown into the mix. The songs range from frantic to dreamy, with the interplay and guitar and keyboard melodies and three-part vocal harmonies providing the most beautiful moments in the set.

Throughout the set Kline shares flashes of sincerity of the crowd, from expressing thanks and surprise to all those in attendance, to sharing a cringe-worthy clown joke, but the most touching moment is the most humorous, as whilst brandishing a microphone, she has a slight fit of laughter whilst performing. It is later explained that what was so funny is that so many people have turned out to listen to her sing, when maybe she shouldn’t be allowed to in the first place.

Overall the quartet put on a comprehensive show, showcasing their style, and asserting their talents to an expectant Glaswegian crowd. Given the charming indie style of Frankie Cosmos, the show certainly feels like a cool place to be on a Monday night, but also thoroughly enjoyable in addition to that air of being hip. And after all that heat, there was a cola flavoured Mr. Freeze ice pole for the train home, perfect.


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