Margaret Glaspy @ Stereo, Glasgow – 07/11/2016

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 13 November 2016 in Live
Rating 9/10

“The set time is 70 minutes, but the album is 37 minutes, we’ll probably be able to make the second last train.” Famous last words, or whatever, after 70 incredible minutes of Margaret Glaspy performing, we got the last train home.

Featuring the entirety of Emotions and Math, three covers, two new tracks and one old track, Glaspy’s performance was something of a crash course in her rock-inspired “folk” music. Beginning with her debut album’s title track and closing with the emotional ‘Somebody to Anybody’, there was a flurry of emotion (but not much math) in between. Of the album tracks, single ‘You and I’ received the strongest response from the crowd, a crowd whose inclination to “Woo!” at the smallest thing was a little frustrating and distracting.

Glaspy’s powerful and generally unexpected vocal performance is what makes her music so recognisable, and what steals the show during her live performances. Additionally, notable enjoyment and dancing along to the music on the part of the musician always increases enjoyment levels for me, as in this case. Out of the three covers performed – Björk’s ‘Who Is It’, Lucinda Williams’ ‘Fruits of My Labor’ and Lauryn Hill’s ‘Ex-Factor’ – the latter was certainly the best, with Glaspy performing the vocal flourishes manually in impressive style in addition to her impeccable guitar playing.

In short, this was a thoroughly enjoyable show, and Margaret Glaspy is an undeniable music talent – and a pleasure to speak with, but more on that later. One of the new tracks was particularly enthralling as the lyrics specified both what the main protagonist was and was not (spoiler, they are your lover). That track was arguably the best of the night, with its emotive delivery, and the awed silence onto which it was delivered.

Touring is a momentous task, and if providing enjoyment to spectators is the goal, then Glaspy has achieve this with aplomb, and surely the future is bright for this Californian talent.


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