Oberhofer - 'NOTALGIA'

by Moker
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on 29 July 2013 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Glassnote Entertainment
Rating 9/10

Snotty nosed, precocious guitar driven jangle that encapsulates the power of youth, love and endless summers with sickening precision. Oberhofer haven’t really changed much since touting about the sparse ‘Away Frm U’ a few years back; the song eventually winding up on their debut album in 2012. Each song is still a slice of energetic surf guitar that carves out intoxicating melodies on this new EP. Cynics may care to dismiss this lot as some product of the just-then, the stale zeitgeist created by MGMT and left out to dry and harden in the Californian sun. But Oberhofer are too young and too damn heartfelt to imitate. Rather, they sound like goosebump nostalgia, the soundtrack of every teen party you never attended but wish you had. Of every film you’ve wanted to live in, of every girl you've wanted to be with. Perhaps this goes some way to explain the title of this latest offering. The enormous chorus of ‘Earplugs’, the bittersweet yearnings of ‘Together/Never’, the outrageous youthful hope of ‘You + Me’. Sure, it might be more of the same from these guys, but God forbid the day they stop giving.


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