Professor Elemental + Northern Oak + Kassandra Killjoy @ Corporation, Sheffield - 3/3/2012

by TalieEigeland
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on 10 March 2012 in Live
Rating 7/10


Talk about incoherent line-ups. Kassandra Killjoy, local burlesque one-woman act arrives on the stage of Corp’s small room, scantily clad in ripped fishnets, brick-colored shorts and a corset.  A strange introduction to a folk metal slash steampunk rap evening one might initially think, but then when you live in Sheffield you get used to this sort of stuff and it is said that Northern Oak enjoy burlesque. 



Rapid set change and here come arguably one of our best-known local metal bands; I’ll have you know that they played Bloodstock 2011.  Northern Oak (pictured above) involve a substantial amount of band members, black metal vocals, a flute, a violin, a keyboard, a beast of a guitarist, and the description could go on but you get the picture.  They’re also amateurs of ridiculously smart clothing – if you like a combination of medieval tunes, black metal and pinstripes, I’d encourage you to go and check them out.



After a brief quality interlude courtesy of Miss Killjoy, it’s time for headliner Professor Elemental and a serious case of the “you either love it or hate it”.  However the room is full, so clearly enough followers are fulfilling their following duties, and some going noticeably over and beyond.  If you’re shy and don’t want to be asked personal questions in public, don’t stand too near the front.  If you’re easily offended, maybe just don’t go.  Professor Elemental will risk all kinds of feedback and stage equipment to come and ask to touch your hair if it happens to grab his attention.  This is “chap-hop” ladies and gentleman, in other words a mixture of steampunk, hip-hop and black tea of one hundred percent British creation.  I should point out that his stage attire might equally be worth a quick Google search.  He’s disturbingly enthusiastic, obsessively patriotic, subjectively very humorous and even makes a decent rapper although he claims he doesn’t know how to freestyle, not that this should prevent him from attempting.  The gig ends with a song featuring a comeback from Northern Oak and a lot of teabags flying into the audience, the remainders of which are to be found scattered around Corp during the subsequent club night.

By the way, you’re all invited for a cuppa afterwards.  “I say Earl Grey, you say yes please…”


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