The Crimea - 'Square Moon'

by AlanAshtonSmith
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on 29 July 2013 in Albums & EPs
Record Label Alcopop
Rating 7/10

The Crimea’s early singles from ten years ago – songs like ‘White Russian Galaxy’ and ‘Baby Boom’ – have stood the test of time, and endured through a couple of lengthy silences from the band, so it’s a shame to hear they are now finally disbanding. Their final album ‘Square Moon’ seems to be have been contrived as a deliberately valedictory record: with twenty-two tracks to take in it’s as through frontman Davey McManus is trying to say everything he won’t have chance to say again, and many of the lyrics take on an elegiac tone. The music is elegiac too. Gently played piano and swooning strings wash over you all too easily, concealing a churning morass of emotion beneath. Like all but the best double albums, ‘Square Moon’ does have its longeurs; by the second disc the format of introductory spoken word samples and lilting piano-based melodies, followed by the entry of McManus’ eclectic lyrics, does start to get a bit old. But for the most part, this is an entrancing and intriguing album that repays repeated explorations. The Crimea might not be bowing out on an obvious high here, but this is an album of understated power that fittingly closes their career as a band.


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