Twin Atlantic @ Barrowlands, Glasgow - 14/12/2016

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 19 December 2016 in Live
Rating 8/10

I think the first time I ever saw Twin Atlantic was at the Barrowlands, back in 2011, supported by Fighting With Wire and The LaFontaines, and well... they've come quite a way since then. Two albums and several stadium-smashing singles later, and with a headline show at the city's mega-venue The Hydro in the middle, the band are certainly at the peak of their career thus far. 

Attending the second of a three night run at this iconic venue, the band play a blistering set of tracks old and new to a massively receptive hometown crowd. Whilst 'Crash Land' and 'Heart and Soul' were always going to be the biggest tracks of the night, even the more understated tracks in 'Mothertongue' and 'Old Grey Face (And the Way of the Magenta)' (played live for the first time in ages) get a rapturous applause. 

With a fitting yet not overly complex stage set-up, the quartet plow through their set with gusto, with frontman Sam McTrusty teasing every last drop of energy from the crowd. The band's (arguably) most popular album to date in Great Divide doesn't make an appearance until nine tracks into the set surprisingly, when 'Fall Into The Party' kicks things into another gear. 

Having returned to their roots on latest record GLA, playing those songs in the city that runs through their blood must be particularly liberating, particularly 'Mothertongue', which McTrusty precedes with a charming anecdote about honesty. As expected 'Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator' provides a rousing opening to the set, and 'No Sleep' and apt end as the crowd bound off into the chill of Glasgow's East End following the show's conclusion. 

Having made a name for themselves through relentless touring, on the stage is where Twin Atlantic are undoubtedly at home, and where their energetic art really comes to life. At home is of course where they and the crowds find most enjoyment, and despite headlining The Hydro in 2015, this run at The Barrowlands feels like a much better representation of the band's intentions despite their ability to fill larger venues. 

Singing and sweating is what it's all about, and a crowd this size really works to highlight the enjoyable nature of the band's craft, and the trio of shows serves as a fitting end to perhaps the band's most revelatory year to date. 


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