We Came From Wolves @ Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow - 02/09/2016

by Kyle McCormick
Kyle McCormick
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on 06 September 2016 in Live
Rating 7/10

Despite composing a number of We Came From Wolves pieces for Shout4Music over the years, I have never attended one of their shows, apart from catching the closing tracks of their set supporting The Xcerts in winter 2014. I was then eager to get a glimpse of the band's live energy when invited to a show in Nice N Sleazy by a colleague of mine who was organising the night.

Despite missing openers Mannequin Mannequin, the other support in Every Ocean and Brother provided an optimistic taste of the future of Scottish rock music. Whilst the influences of the likes of Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic are likely to be strong and evident, both bands showcased notable talent and musicianship. The latter especially had a refreshing feel of the visceral Infinity Land with intriguing structures and vocals which occasionally break into throaty screams. By comparison, the excitable headliners fall more into the category of Only Revolutions' pop rock if we're continuing to make lazy Biffy Clyro comparisons.

The Glasgow-based but Perth-born quartet began their headline set in frantic style, with the dynamic punch of singles ‘Am I Useful?’ and ‘Glasgow Stranger’ being lost in the nervous fuzz. About four or five tracks in however, the band settled down and the instruments settled at a more enjoyable balance. The set drew heavily from the band’s self-titled debut record, with the unfortunate absence of tracks from their Paradise Place EP, but was an invigorating introduction to the band regardless.

Despite frontman Kyle Charles James Burgess’ attempts to whip the crowd into a frenzy, it was evident that only a minority of the crowd was devoted enough to be able to howl the emotive lyrics back to him – a fact made all the more obvious through the band’s sombre one track encore. Throughout the set however, it was guitarist Michael Mackay’s melodies and solos that cut through the noise, accenting and leading the band in equal measure, seemingly providing the intricate heartbeat of the fast-paced set.

In spite of the in vain attempts at crowd interaction, and a jittery start, We Came From Wolves certainly worked themselves and the crowd into a sweat on a clear night in Glasgow. The playful yet emotionally striking nature of their tracks was somewhat lost in the frenzy, but regardless the quartet achieved success in entertaining a reserved crowd and securing their status as a promising Scottish musical outfit.


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