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Yellowcard + Set It Off + Like Torches @ Koko, London - 26/03/2013

by ArtyKarpinsky
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on 01 March 2013 in Live
Rating 8/10

Tonight's performance saw the return of the legendary Yellowcard to London, on tour for their latest album 'Southern Air'. First on stage are Swedish newcomers Like Torches; their energetic songs hardly make up for the lack of the crowds interest as it seems no one has heard of them before. This is a problem many new bands face; never the less the guys appear to be aware they have made it into Yellowcard's support and this is a massive achievement in itself, as they keep their heads high, and after a duet with Ryan Key walk off looking very satisfied.

Set It Off, a band from Florida, are the next ones up. With overwhelming excitement they storm the stage, and to many people's surprise are very confident all throughout the set, excitedly making use of every corner of the stage, jumping back and forth and even into the crowd. They perform a large chunk of their latest release 'Cinematics' as well as playing many songs from much earlier releases such as the ‘Horrible Kids’ EP – much more unusual for a band facing a fresh fan base.

Yellowcard do an amazing set covering songs spanning their whole career. Surprisingly few fans try to climb over the barrier and the security seems at ease, but things quickly change after a few songs as lead singer Ryan Key takes command of the room, telling the crowd that no one can leave this night's show with an intact voice. Ryan as well as violinist Sean Mackin both share the limelight, furiously pacing around stage invigorating the crowd and once they play crowd favourites such as 'Breathing' the pit really comes alive, violently shifting side to side.

There is only one moment of tranquillity as the band plays the classic 'Sing For Me', a song that they explain they wrote for a fan who died of cancer. The song is definitely a highlight of the evening. They closes with 'Ocean Avenue', arguably the most famous track of their career. Every fan stays and partakes to the last second. Unlike the support it is obvious these guys don't need an introduction and have a very a dedicated fan base that will be waiting for another of their rare visits to London.


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